March 11, 2021

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin



Ken George welcomed his daughter Julie Nevelizer.  Jean Bendix suggested Julie would be a great new Rotary member.  President Donna was pleased to welcome Ryan Kreuser, son of Marc and Holly.  Cindy Timerson is becoming a frequent flyer.



Michael DeJohn, 93, died on Sunday, February 28th at Clifton Springs nursing home.  Mike was a longtime active Rotarian. 

Linda Werts asked us to keep both of their daughters in our thoughts and prayers.  Sarah is again suffering with blocked arteries.  She may need surgery or new stents.  Carrie was recently in the ER with kidney stones or Gall bladder issues.  Linda’s sister in law was sad to recently have her dog put to sleep.

Rich Vanlaeken sent a letter of thanks for all the sympathy cards and donations sent to the Laurel House in his wife Chelle’s name.



I am personally thrilled that people like Doug and Scott are dealing with the BORING (but important) tax rules!  Here are two important web sites for anyone who is interested. and  As always - when in doubt call Doug!




Do you know why British people pronounce the word a Bri  ish? Because they drank all the T.

Why do melons have weddings?  Because they cantaloupe.

A duck, a skunk and a deer went out for dinner at a restaurant one night.  When it came time to pay, the skunk didn’t have a SCENT, the deer didn’t have a BUCK, so they put the meal on the duck’s BILL.


A wise man once told his son, my boy when you accumulate the understanding to know why a pizza is made round to be put in a square box and is eaten in triangles, then and only then will you be able to understand women!


Had a bad mixup at the store today when the cashier said strip down facing me, apparently she was referring to my credit card.


President Donna announced March birthdays and anniversaries.  Julie George Nevelizer bravely led us in Singing Happy Birthday.



BOARD - President Donna reported that the board discussed our Covid gatherings and the new forms we are signing for liability.  Two recent resignations are Adam Casper and Grace Norcott.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Mitch Ruffalo expressed his thanks to Alicia Vasquez for her unique replacement for our annual Spelling Bee, raising $402.

He was pleased to announce that we have 21 team members for the Living Waters project.  Ten clubs will be supporting the trip in May and the December group trip.

Food link is looking for more volunteers to help out at the Lyons Bus Garage.

The Bob Goodman blood drive will be held on April 20th.  On Saturday April 24th we will be cleaning up the Erie Canal area in Arcadia.  We will coordinate with other local organizations.  The rain date is April 24th.

The United way is sponsoring a personal care needs project in which we may participate.  See flyer for list of items. 

Mitch was happy to announce that the Queen of Hearts has raised $950 toward his goal of $1000.

FUNDRAISING - Jan Hence reported that the next fundraiser is a chicken BBQ on April 11th.

MEMBERSHIP - Melissa Correia had placed corporate membership info on each table, including a letter by Norma Reilly.  I assume Zoomers can request copies.

DEI - Lucina Hallagan was pleased with our wonderful speakers in January.  Karen Q. announced that in April Chief Thoms and Public Defender, Andy Correia will Speak on Police Reform.  We are proud to have Karen representing us at the District training meeting.

PUBLIC IMAGE - Josh McCrossen was happy to announce that our extensive work on a new brochure is completed and the Social Media lead is preparing to begin.

Outside of Rotary, Josh is on another committee that gives out money from the Bulis foundation.  Let Josh know if you have an idea of where some money cold be used.



President Donna was happy to loose her 7th grade home school teacher position.  Williamson schools are now opening 4 days a week.

Gail Chambers said THANK YOU to Pfizer for her recent vaccine.

Bill Doebler was glad to be in-person at our meeting after 60 weeks and happy to be celebrating his 61st anniversary.

Melissa was excited about the long awaited arrival of her new furniture.

Michele is proud of her 8 year old granddaughter donating her hair to wigs for kids.

JJ was happy to announce that Habitat for Humanity project started in 1995 has paid it’s last payment.

Doug Forgue as a diabetic is pleased to get his first coved shot at the Dome Arena.  He will not have to quarantine after visiting his son.

Dave Johnson’s mother had a hip replacement and will have completed her PT on Thursday.




Fred Hicks as Foundation Chair was pleased when Ryan called with his idea to run to raise money for our Rotary foundation.  Fred quickly read “Can’t hurt me”, the book written by the Navy Seal David Goggins which Ryan said was his inspiration.

Holly was pleased to introduce her son.  Ryan is 23 and attending Grad School at Nazareth.  Ryan has always been active.  At Oswego Ryan was on the Swim Team for four years. Ryan has been involved in Rotary in many ways.  As an exchange student he traveled to the Netherlands.  Years ago he started by helping at the pancake breakfast and now is involved in Rotaract.

His plan is to compete in the 4x4x48 challenge - running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. 

Check your email from Jeff Patchen to see how to donate.

I loved Lucina’s sentiment - “Donate to be the wind beneath his wings”.


Our next meeting on March 11th we will be featuring our very own PDG David Hannan giving us an historical perspective of the Covid 19 and Spanish Flu Pandemics

And a Little inflationary Humor


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Ryan Kreuser's Challenge
Ryan Kreuser decided to take up the David Goggin's 4x4x48 challenge and also raise money for the Rotary Foundation in the process.
Chicken and Biscuits Fundraiser Feb 2021
Newark Rotary held another Chicken and Biscuits fundraiser. Big shout-out to Mary Fitch of Nana's who prepared the meals at cost for the club. 
Bell Ringing 2020
Newark Rotarians continued their annual tradition of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County shared a video of a home build at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES. 
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