Newark Rotary Club Bulletin for

July 30, 2020

Consider participating in our next virtual Rotary meeting being held on Thursday, at 12:00 PM. Below is the information on how to join:

Meeting ID: 851 101 412
Use the dial in number
Meeting ID: 851 101 412
There is no participant ID
If you have a smartphone or tablet, download the Zoom app from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Then, just enter the meeting number.
You may be on mute during the meeting to prevent background noise while President Donna or other speakers are talking. Otherwise, you will be unmuted.

wellness report

John Zornow informed us of the death of Steve Holdridge, a former Rotarian and Newark resident.  Steve was 82 and had requested his ashes be spread over Sodus Bay.

Eli Coleman’s mother-in-law recently passed.  Mary Agustus Burgess was a Rotary president in Wolcott. 

MaryJo Fenyn reported the passing of John McCue.

On a lighter note, Helmuth is doing better despite some swelling in his legs.

healthy moment

Grace Norcott reminded us of the benefits of walking.  Two examples are curbing your sugar cravings and of course keeping your heart healthy.  It may help you to listen to audio books as you walk. 

joke of the week

If a cow doesn’t produce milk is it called a milk- dud or an udder failure ?


Thanks to Gary (I THINK) for acknowledging the cow joke I passed along.

club announcements

President Donna announced that we will be meeting on August 6th at the Alex Eligh Community Center - no lunches and please wear a mask.

August 13th will be a “grab and go” lunch.  Holly has details

Peter Blandino reported that 18 Rotarians have joined the Premier Sponsor Program.

Jean Williams, in honor of turning 60, is raising money for Laurel House.   

Newark Rotary is fielding three teams for the Camp Onseyawa Golf Tournament. Raffle tickets are still available.

 On Thursday July 30th we will have our “Newark Rotary’s Got Talent” talent show.  We will also be discussing our plans for upcoming in-person meetings.

From President Donna, “Stay healthy, stay safe and be blessed!”

Speaker - Ryan mulhern

Steve Hallagan introduced Ryan Mulhern - Wayne County Public Health Information Director.  Ryan was born in Wayne County.  He took this job wanting to make a contribution in our area.  He spoke about coping with the Corona Virus. Due to ‘technical difficulties’, Ryan will join us again to finish his talk.

Upcoming Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries

Please reach out and wish our fellow Rotarians a Happy Birthday:
August 2 - Eli Coleman
August 4 - Anne Rogers
and Wedding and Partner Anniversaries
August 4 - Rich and Michelle VanLaeken - 36 Years
August 5 - Jim and Sally Praino - 53 Years
August 6 - Adam Casper and Erin List - 15 Years
and Club Anniversaries
August 1 - Tim Johnson - 41 Years
August 5 - Scott Healy - 21 Years

and a little humor...

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