February 25, 2021

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin

Jean Bendix welcomed Cindy Timerson who was visiting again with an interest in joining our club.  Suleyman(correct spelling - Thanks Linda) joined us again via zoom.
Jean Williams reminded us that we will make a donation to Laurel House in Kay Golding’s name - daughter of Susie Earl.  Money will be collected at the Feb.25th meeting.
John Oaks -89- passed away on February 12th at Newark Wayne Community Hospital.  John was a dedicated Pharmacist in our community.  Dawn Strait, previously a Newark Resident also recently passed.  
Helmuth and Hannelora are making progress - feeling better day by day.
Doug Forgue - If you collected unemployment this past year it needs to be claimed as income.  Lucina added - if you own a business and fill out a 1099 form it’s now a 1096 and they listed the wrong zip code.  The correct zip is 78714.
A man was in line at a large drug store to get his second shot.  The lady behind him said “I hope I can get a six pack.”  He said lady this line is for the Covid shot.  The line for the toilet paper is in the front of the store!!
Another man got his second Covid shot.  The nurse said now you still need to wear your mask and practice 6 feet social distancing.  Its better to be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under!
Another man got his second Covid shot.  When he got home he told his wife he was confused.  I don’t know if I should tell my friends that I am a Big Shot or that I’m full of it!
What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?   A stick
Off we went to the local pub.  I got him a Guinness.  He didn’t like it so I drank it.
Then I got him a Kilkenny.  He didn’t like it so I drank it.
Then I got him a Harp Lager.  He didn’t like it so I drank it.
Then I got him a Jameson.  He didn’t like it so I drank it.
Lastly I had him try a Rare Redbreast.  He wouldn’t even smell it so I drank it.
By the time I realized he just didn’t like to drink I was so plastered I could hardly push his stroller home!!!
Jean Bendix is looking for more volunteers to sign up for the weekly invocation.  The sign up is on e-mail.
President Donna announced that we will all need to sign a covid liability waiver next week.
April 24th is the water shed Clean-up. Newark Rotary will be cleaning up the Erie Canal area in Arcadia. The rain date is April 29th.  There will be no Rotary meeting on that Thursday if we are involved in the Clean-up.  WARE, YANA and the Youth Action Group at the High School will be helping with this project.
Mitch Ruffalo clarified the Queen of Hearts drawing for new members.  If you are a winner you get half of what has been collected each week - half goes to the Haiti project.
Scott Healy was happy to donate to the annual Spelling Bee since he was a winner at the Chamber of Commerce.
Melissa Corriea was happy to get a NEW used car.  Her Jetta gets 40 mpg!
MaryJo Fenyn has good news and bad.  She is having her pacemaker replaced but happy to be moving next Friday.  Packing on Thursday means she will miss our weekly meeting.
Paul Salisbury is happy that he and Jeanne have now received both covid shots.
Mike Muscolino’s wife was on the computer for almost 4 hours to finally get a vaccine appointment at the Dome Arena.
Doug Doebler was happy to report that the kids in Haiti are doing well.  The new village is planning on 50 houses with PLUMBING and SOLAR PANELS!
Donna remembers living in Haiti.  Our pandemic reminds her of their wide-spread disease.
Alecia Vasquez came up with a clever replacement to our usual annual Spelling Bee.  Each table was a team with three levels of words (from the actual Spelling Bee) to unscramble.
Winners received gifts of wine and other exciting items.
Dave Johnson, Melissa Corriea, Deb Stoepe
Lucina Hallagan, Michele McManus, Mitch Ruffalo
Bob Bendix, Jean Williams, JJ Cotter
$392 was collected with participants each paying $10.  Thank you to Michele for the ADORABLE little bee cupcakes made for all In-person Rotarians.
PS  I am honored to accept a position on the board replacing Adam Casper.
Jim Love from the American Red Cross will be our guest speaker on Feb. 25th.

And a Little Brady Humor

(sorry Cowboy fans)


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Welcome to Newark Rotary!
Newark Rotary Club
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We currently meet at the Alex Eligh Community Center. Masks are required to attend the meeting. Box lunches will be provided after the meeting and are available to those who reserve the lunches prior to the meeting.
Chicken and Biscuits Fundraiser Feb 2021
Newark Rotary held another Chicken and Biscuits fundraiser. Big shout-out to Mary Fitch of Nana's who prepared the meals at cost for the club. 
Bell Ringing 2020
Newark Rotarians continued their annual tradition of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County shared a video of a home build at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES. 
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Rotary Meeting
Alex Eligh Community Center
Feb 25, 2021
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