September 17, 2020

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin


As of July 15th I have been sitting on the Grand Jury in Ontario County...(see story here.)


Marge Gile was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting, not feeling well.


Grace Norcott demonstrated the balance exercise of standing on one foot.  For some people one foot is easier than another.  This is a good exercise for me with occasional vertigo and was actually recommended by my “spin doctor” (Newark hospital’s physical therapist).

Grace works with Seniors at the Community Center.  The group is called Silver Sneakers - doable exercise for people MY AGE.  Many insurances cover this activity. 


Football player’s wife: I hate it when my husband calls leftovers “replays”

TV executive’s wife: My husband calls them “reruns”


The Advantages to hiring Seniors:

At staff meetings, they say “yes,Sir” or “ Yes Ma am”, instead of “Yo, I’m down with that.”


My husband and I call each other at least five times a day.  It’s not as romantic as it sounds.  He calls me so I can find my phone and I call him so he can find his!


Care Net collections are continuing through the month of September (I found FAT crayons at the Dollar Store)  Please drop your items at Lyons National Bank in Donna’s office.  Donna will have them delivered to CareNet.

The board meeting on September 15th will be held on Zoom at 12:00.

The first DEI meeting will be held also on September 15th via Zoom at 2 PM under the leadership of Lucina Hallagan(AKA Ms Hoolahoop 2020)

Save the date - Sunday Oct 11th - Chicken BBQ


Josh McCrossen was happy to have celebrated his son’s wedding last weekend and GOOD NEWS - they are still together.

Doug Forgue is happy to be going on a trip our West, leaving on the 16th - only ten days into his new job.


Jean Bendix introduce our speaker, JJ Cotter, the director of Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County.  Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical, Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness world wide.  Home owners work alongside volunteers which is called ‘sweat equity’ and they must repay a mortgage through an affordable payment plan. 

Newark Rotary was pleased to donate $1,000 to this worthy cause.


Next week we will hear from Sebastian and Judy Schwartz on the Sudan Lost Boy Outreach.

The Eric and Donna Johnson Family, Williamson, NY
Paul and Jean Salisbury
Mike and Sue Muscolino
In Memory of  Adrian "Ed" Fenyn
Frank and Judy All
Karen Vanderbrook
& John Zornow
Doug Doebler
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In Memory of Former Newark Rotarian Ron Colacino
Alicia Vazquez
Grace Norcott Group
Patti and Peter Dohr
In Memory of My Best Friend Helen Blandino
Steve and Lucina Hallagan
Matt Cook
Melissa and Andrew Correia
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Marge Gile

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Note from the Editor
Summer Picnic 2020
Newark Rotary recently held its annual picnic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
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Thinking of holding a meeting? Here are some tips from Dr. Dave Hannan on how to hold a safer meeting.
2020 Camp Onseyawa Golf Tournament
Gary and Norma helped organize this year's Camp Onseyawa Golf Tournament and Newark Rotary fielded four teams.
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