October 15, 2020

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin


Mike Muscolino invited Shannon Nash to join us.  Shannon is the mother of one of Newark’s top 5 basketball players who attended and played basketball at the University of Buffalo.

Chris Davis joined our meeting to speak to us about the Historical Society.

Lynn Mooney is in her last week as a visitor before she becomes an official member next week.



Jean Williams was sad to announce the passing of MaryJo Fenyn’s brother.

Jean is recently out of the hospital, having been bit by a feral cat.  She is doing great for now - not looking forward to a knee operation at the end of the month.

Karen Dean’s son has been in the hospital for Cancer surgery.  Chase is 24 and has lost a large percent of his liver function.  We hope being young and otherwise healthy will be to his advantage.



Grace Norcott recommended the book “Traveling Light” by Max Lucado.  Referring to the chapter on weariness - we work too much and sleep too little.  We tend to see what we don’t have rather than what we do.  We worry about things we can’t control.  Rest means something that gives you energy such as a bike ride, a hike, reading a book and   my favorite - TAKING A NAP!



Gary thanked Pat Albrecht for the following gems!

Who helps the little pumpkins cross the street?  The crossing gourds


2019 we were told to stay away from negative people.

2020 we are now told to stay away from positive people


This virus has done what no woman had been able to do -

cancel all sports, shut down all bars and keep men at home!


What’s your handicap these days? One golfer asked another.

I’m a scratch golfer-I write down all my good scores and scratch out all my bad ones!


Gary also reminded us about the little note pads on each table - If you have an idea for a service project or a new member please write it in the notebook and sign your name.



President Donna reminded us about the Laurel House installation of lattice work and electric awnings.  Jean and Bob Bendix and Norma Reilly have agreed to help out on Saturday at 12:00.

We are still collecting for Books of the World through the end of October.

Jan Hence reported that 400 out of 550 BBQ tickets have been sold.  Anyone on Facebook is encouraged to ‘share’ the BBQ info.  The information about the Chicken and Biscuit dinner will be placed in each BBQ dinner box.

I hope everyone had a chance to check out my project boards highlighting the Premier Sponsors and where the money goes.  This display will be set up at the BBQ on Sunday.

Donna is compiling the cocktails and appetizers recipe book - available for all on line and hard copies on request.

Remember Project Christmas.  Gift ideas were on all the tables.  The Harriet Tubman girls are in Auburn and Rome NY.  We will be collecting the items through November 16th and storing them at the Lyons National Bank.

Deb Stoep thanked the club for their generosity in giving to Net Care.



Steve Mooney was happy to have his 2 brothers witness his HOLE IN ONE!

Mitch Ruffalo was happy to announce that October is Italian Heritage month.  This inspired lots of happy dollars.  Mike Muscolino remembered that you could recognize the Italians at school with the red spots on their shirts (spaghetti sauce)!

Marc Kreuser was happy about his trip to Lake Champlain. Their daughter, Grace, is an hour away at the University of Vermont.



Josh McCrossen earned his badge as chairperson of the Public Image Committee, participating in the talent show, giving the invocation and contributing as a Premier Sponsor. 

Jean and Paul Salisbury are also active new members, volunteering at Laurel House, giving the invocation and helping with the annual golf tournament.



Doug Forgue introduced Chris Davis - our first in-person speaker since the pandemic began.  Chris has been involved with the Historical Society and museum for more than 25 years. The Museum opened in 1999.  He was the original member and is now the executive director.  The Marbletown School house opened in 1993.  The museum is open every Saturday from 1-3pm.  He is very proud and invited us all to come and see the most recent display - “Hometown Grown”.  On October 8th the Community Center hosted the program about the Fox sisters and spiritualism. 

Artifact donations come in every week.  The most recent was a golden wedding gift - a rare coffee pot sent from Ohio. This was a gift from Joseph Miller Sr who married and lived in Newark.

Dave Hannan mentioned the upcoming Bicentennial celebration in 2023.  Chris said to stay tuned for more information and check Wayne Historians.org. 


Next week Scott Healy and Doug Forgue will talk to us about the new tax laws.

And a Little Halloween Humor


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