February 4, 2021

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin


Steve Hassler introduced his friend Allison who was interested in hearing Thursday’s speaker.  Dave Johnson and Jessica Blondell from ARC joined us again on zoom.  Suliyman from Istanbul was with us again via zoom.

President Donna read the obituary of Richard VanLaeken’s wife.  Chelle passed away recently at Laurel House with family by her side.  She was 60 year’s old and had been married to Rich for 36 years.  They have a daughter, Amanda.  In lieu of flowers please send memorials to the Laurel House.

Next week we will be collecting donations - Jean Williams will send then with a card on behalf of all Newark Rotarians.  You should make checks payable to Newark Rotary.  They can be sent to POB 374, Newark NY 14513.

We were glad to see Jeanne Salisbury in person at Thursday’s meeting.

This week’s jokes are compliments of Carol Nary.
What do you call a sunbathing puppy?   
A hot dog
What did the beach say when the tide came in?
Long time-no sea.
How did the food critic rate the restaurant on the moon?
Great food, but no atmosphere.
Why are mosquitoes so annoying?
They get under your skin.
What kind of fish goes best with peanut butter?
Why are pigs bad drivers?
They’re road hogs.

Editor retraction - the membership meeting on the second Tuesday of each month is on zoom - NOT at the community center.

President Donna announced that Marcia and Larry Brown sent $25 for the memorial of Mary Morrison.  Wolcott Rotary sent $200 to be used for the Mexico Water project.

Doug Forgue has 2 sons living in Oregon.  Like upstate NY, the snow has arrived late. Doug enjoyed looking at the snow through the eyes of his14 year old.  The older we get, the less we look forward to this long season.

Scott Healy was happy about the Syracuse basketball team beating Virginia Tech where Marc Kreuser is an alum.  Sorry - NOT SORRY!

Jorge Bueso is both sad and happy that his daughter is able to return to College at SUNYCortland.  Mike added - She was an honor student in high school and also now in college - Jorge should be proud!

Mike and Sue Muscolino are still having fun with their new puppy.  Sammy came from Houston where he and 12 brothers and sisters were rescued from a dumpster.

Lucina Hallagan is the chairperson of our DEI committee.  In August she read an article in the Democrat and Chronicle on diversity in the Craft Brewing Company.  She was able to contact Sofia to speak to us during our Diversity Month.  Sofia is on the NYS Brewers Inclusivity Committee.  She began in 2014 as a home brewer in Brazil.  Listening to a woman speaker at a conference she was encouraged to get an education but also realized the importance of life experience. Because of her gender she was expected to participate in marketing roles - her sites were on Production Manager.
If you’re thirsty and have a taste for craft beers there are 485 Breweries in NYS.  Using crops in NYS helps support local agriculture.
As chairperson of the Inclusivity Committee, Sofia has a mission and goal to include all populations where they listen to each other with openness.  As a result, they have a bigger customer base and an adaptable work force.  They think about who their marketing is reaching.  NY is broken down by region and considers faith, class, gender, education, age and disabilities. They have signers in their videos to accommodate the hearing impaired.  They have internship possibilities for women and people of color.
Beer Labels CAN send a message - 2 examples - ‘BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL’ and ‘PEOPLE POWER’.
Mitch Ruffalo asked the question we were all wondering - “Where can you find Craft Beers locally?”
Sofia instructed - on your search engine, type in Beer menus.com and your zip code.  
Marc Kreuser mentioned that Joey’s has craft beers (FIELD TRIP?)
Steve Hallagan confessed to enjoying an IPA now and then.  Sofia explained that they had NO beer in Brazil and that’s when she started making her own.
She explained to Lucina that she returned to the United States to get more experience.
Every week I am reassured and pleased to be a part of Rotary.  Look what we learned this week!
Next week is our open meeting where we will hear from all our committee chairs.

And a Little car Humor


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Bell Ringing 2020
Newark Rotarians continued their annual tradition of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County shared a video of a home build at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES. 
Chicken & Biscuits November 2020
Newark Rotary recently held its first Chicken & Biscuit sale.
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