Newark Rotary Club Bulletin for

June 25, 2020

If you can read this bulletin, you can participate in our next virtual Rotary meeting being held on Thursday, at 12:00 PM. Below is the information on how to join:
Meeting ID: 851 101 412
Use the dial in number
Meeting ID: 851 101 412
There is no participant ID
If you have a smartphone or tablet, download the Zoom app from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Then, just enter the meeting number.
You will be on mute during the meeting to prevent background noise while President Holly or other speakers are talking. Otherwise, you will be unmuted.

President's Announcements

Holly announced that the board met last Tuesday.  A committee has been established to reinstate face to face meetings.  Nana is still planning to help with food.  We will probably still be Zooming in July and maybe August.

We have come to the end of Holly’s “wonderful yet strange” year as President and Dave Hannan’s year as District Governor.  The District Change Over will take place via Zoom on June 27, 2020.  Linda Cole will be the new District Governor and Donna Johnson will be our new President.

Wellness Report

MaryJo Fenyn was sad to report that her husband Ed is not doing very well. Dropping him off at Strong and not being able to go in with him was difficult.  Heart and kidney problems are aggravated by the underlying problem of being diabetic.  He has lost 25 pounds of fluid.  MaryJo is thankful for Face-time.

Karen Dean’s 24 year old son is facing Cancer surgery and Chemo.  Entered the hospital with breathing problems and discovered several tumors. 

Jean Williams niece recently had brain surgery and is now experiencing balance problems.  Jean’s nephew’s Grandfather is being treated for multiple problems following his fall from a tree.

Sue Colacino reported that Becky Kehoe is in the hospital with Coronavirus.

New Members

Last Thursday we virtually inducted 2 new members to our ever growing Newark Rotary.   Through the magic of computers (magic to me) Mark Maloney welcomed our new members reminding us that Rotary connects the world in NEW WAYS. 

Lucina Hallagan was sponsored by Holly Kreuser.  Lucina was born here in Newark and now works with her husband at Hallagan’s mfg.  When Rotarians joined with Hallagans on the recent face mask project Lucina knew she wanted to be a part of our service organization. Dave Doebler is feeling the challenge now that there are more Hallagans than Doeblers in our club!



Kurt Werts sponsored Peter Blandino.  Peter moved from Lyons to Newark working for many years at Seneca Foods.  We all remember Peter as Newark’s Mayor for 13 years.  Once a Rotarian, Peter is now rejoining, having more time to help with community service. 

Happy Moments

Dave Doebler’s daughter has graduated from Fredonia.  With her degree in Music Education she will be working in Depew with K-3 vocal and 4th and 5th grade band.




Steve Hallagan announced our Zoom program for July will be Robin Marks speaking to us about Camp Onseyawa.





Jean Bendix led us in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to Holly!




Chicken Barbecue Photos

(Thank You John Zornow!)

Upcoming Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries

Please reach out and wish our fellow Rotarians a Happy Birthday:
June 25 - Sandy DeVolder
June 26 - Frank All
June 28 - Trudy Hicks
June 29 - Rich VanLaeken
and Wedding Anniversaries
and Club Anniversaries
June 27 - Jim Devolder - 3 years
June 27 - Sandy Devolder - 3 years
June 29 - Frank All - 14 years
June 30 - Gail Chambers - 16 years
July 1 - Trudy Hicks - 6 years

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