March 18, 2021

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin


Russ Harris introduced the Newark High School’s new superintendent, Susan Hasenauer, who joined us on Zoom.  
Carol Nary brought Kirk Parmiteer formerly from Newark.  
Dave Hannan introduced Ralph Brandt from Broomfield, his Philadelphia son John, and DG Linda Kohl.  Suleyman also joined us via Zoom and Cindy Timerson joined us again in-person. 

Jean Williams, our wellness  reporter, recently turned 70.  Thanks to her sister-in-law(you know who), we joined in to sing to Jean, who claimed she stopped counting at 68!!
Linda Werts asked for continued thoughts and prayers for her daughters.  Sarah had her initial surgery for blocked arteries and Carrie is still dealing with kidney stones.

Good news for those who would like to receive more money from the government - the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package has passed!  If you receive the $1,400 rebate you don’t have to claim it until next year.  Money received from unemployment will not be taxed.  
On another subject, Doug reported that the Hill Cumorah pageant has been cancelled for the future.  A large Rotary money-maker will need to be replaced with a new project.
A retired man went to get his second covid shot.  The greeter took his temperature and said you do not have a temperature.  He said, I know I am no longer a HOT ITEM!
Another man, got his second covid shot and the nurse said you don’t need a bandaid.  The man said I’m happy, I didn’t want a PATCHED UP JOB! 
What do you do when you are spending 15 minutes in the recovery room after you get your second covid shot?  You TEAR UP YOUR WILL!

President Donna reminded in-person members to sign the Covid liability waiver form.

Mitch Ruffalo reminded us of the Great Lakes clean-up project on April 24th.  Our area of focus is the canal path from Whitbect Road to the locks.  The rain date is April 29th.  Volunteers will meet at 8:00 AM for donuts and coffee.

If you have products for the United Way PERSONAL CARE NEEDS PROJECT we will have a bin here at the Community Center.

Jan Hence is hoping for a good turn out for the BBQ on April 11th having ordered 500 dinners.  We hope buyers can stay in their cars for pick-up.

Pat Albrecht reported that the Gala Girls are back in business, meeting next Tuesday to start plans for an IN-PERSON Gala in October.  Yours truly is pleased to be joining this group!  Don’t forget that Pat is still collecting L dollars.

Michele McManus is still looking for an Interact advisor.  Holly can answer any questions as to what is involved.  Please consider helping!

Marc and Holly enjoyed their recent trip to North Carolina.  They are also proud of their son Ryan who met the 4x4x48 challenge and raised over $1,200 for the Foundation.

Scott Healy is happy that Syracuse beat N.Carolina and is willing to pay a fine for watching today’s game on his phone.

Steve Hallagan recently read a book by John M. Barry called THE GREAT INFLUENZA - referring to the pandemic of 1918.  He wanted Dave to read it and give us a physician’s perspective.  
Dave is a 35 year member of the PREMIER Rotary club of Newark.  He is a past president and major donor.  He is a retired family physician and served 24 years as the Wayne County Coroner.  To list all of Dave’s accomplishments would require a separate newsletter!
My biggest take away from Dave’s talk in regards to pandemics was - “What we fail to learn we are doomed to repeat”!!!
The book is interesting and full of important facts - too many to list in this short review.
It was obvious how political influence affected the result of Influenzas and pandemics that really needed to be addressed from a scientific point of view.  Woodrow Wilson was president from 1913-1921.  Obviously the Great War had his full attention over the Great Influenza.  As Dave said, we all remember the early days of Covid when the recent past president claimed it would disappear with warmer weather.

Next week Cindy Briggs will be sharing on Music education and Covid-19.

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We currently meet at the Alex Eligh Community Center. Masks are required to attend the meeting. Box lunches will be provided after the meeting and are available to those who reserve the lunches prior to the meeting.
Ryan Kreuser's Challenge
Ryan Kreuser decided to take up the David Goggin's 4x4x48 challenge and also raise money for the Rotary Foundation in the process.
Chicken and Biscuits Fundraiser Feb 2021
Newark Rotary held another Chicken and Biscuits fundraiser. Big shout-out to Mary Fitch of Nana's who prepared the meals at cost for the club. 
Bell Ringing 2020
Newark Rotarians continued their annual tradition of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County shared a video of a home build at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES. 
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