November 19, 2020

Newark RISE

Newark Rotary Club Bulletin


I wanted to include Paul Salisbury’s timely and meaningful thoughts that he shared with us last Thursday.

“At this time of pandemic, let us foster respect and solidarity with others - especially those who are weak or poor.  Let us remain calm and ignore unsubstantiated rumors.  Let us take advantage of living together as a family.  Let us attend to moments of prayer.  Let us cultivate responsibility, patience and hope.

We give our sincere thanks for friends, good fun and fellowship, especially the fellowship of Rotary.  It is good to recognize how different we are.  Our talents, our dreams, our backgrounds, our occupations.  And it is good to know that when YOU created each of us, you broke the mold.  No one is exactly like anyone else.  Even our thumb print and our voice track tell us how unique we are.  Yet, we thank you that we can take these differences and mobilize them for the good of Rotary and our community.  In our differences we can think the same thoughts and move together toward a common goal.  Bless us as we meet together.  Thank you for our individuality and also for our common bond of Rotary.”



Norma Reilly introduced Dave Johnson.  Dave is the head of the foundation at ARC of Wayne County.



Jean Williams was not with us on Thursday, preparing for knee surgery.



Grace Norcott reminded us, with Thanksgiving coming in a couple weeks, our thoughts should be on GRATITUDE.  Gratitude actually improves your health, your blood pressure and your ability to sleep.  Some ways to show gratitude - write a thank-you letter, take a walk, commit random acts of kindness, virtually connect with people under quarantine.



Which ocean is the most detail oriented?

The Pacific


When does a joke become a Dad joke?

When it becomes apparent


Pharmacist to a customer

“Madam, please understand , to buy an antidepressant pill you need a proper prescription.  Simply showing your marriage certificate and husband’s picture is not enough”


Why was the color green notoriously single?

It was always so jaded.



President Donna reminded us that Covid cases are climbing in our area.  Please remain vigilant in following the rules of face masks and using hand sanitizer.

The chicken and biscuit dinner was a success.  We may try a lasagna dinner this winter.

Dave Doebler is still looking for bell ringers on Black Friday and Saturday.

Donna reported that the Project boards representing our sponsors will be on display at LNB for the month of December.  New sponsors will be added to a wine basket raffle.

Mike Muscolino invited us to attend the meeting at the Community center on November 18th.  Vicky Ramos will be talking with participants as to what they want in a new Superintendent for Newark Schools.



Lucina Hallagan was pleased with 2 awards received for Hallagan Health Care Helpers and the Ron Colacino Spirit Award.. Steve felt that the award was in part due to the great support of Rotarians.  He was also happy to announce that he and his brother helped move their Dad from Ashton Place to Parkwood Heights in Macedon.  Charlie is very happy to be living in the same complex with old friends, Maurie and Jean Strobridge.

Linda Werts was pleased to announce that Paul Salisbury received the Alex Eligh Community Service Award.

Josh McCrossen was happy to celebrate his 20th anniversary of his quadruple bypass surgery.

Dave Hannan read us a thank-you from Helmuth and Hannelora Reinhardt.  They were touched by the personal comments in Dave’s Service Above Self presentation.  They love Rotary and the honor bestowed upon them.

Melissa Correia was thankful for the recent Chicken and Biscuit dinner.  Her father, dealing with 3 different cancers, had not had much of an appetite and was thrilled and ate every bite of his dinner.  Melissa is proud to be a Rotarian and participate in the president-elect training.



Fred Hicks introduced our speaker.  In honor of Foundation month, Josh told us the story of Rotary’s founder - Paul Harris.

Paul Percy Harris was born in 1868 in Wisconsin.  After his father went bankrupt, Paul went to live with his grandparents in Vermont.  Paul was a troublemaker and hated school.  After being expelled from the University of Vermont he attended Princeton until his grandfather died. His grandmother told him to go west and become a lawyer.

He stayed in Chicago on his travels and vowed to go back after attaining his law degree from Iowa law school.  He traveled for five years before settling in Chicago.

Thanks to Jean Bendix and her geography skills we followed Paul’s travels on a white board map.

As promised, he ended up in Chicago and attempted to be a lawyer.  He was basically a loner with zero clients.  He was lonesome and decided in 1905 to ask 3 other business people to get together to discuss an idea he had -




Scott Healy, as a member of our foundation committee, spoke briefly about this years plan.  The foundation is hoping to reach their goal of $11,000 by the end of December. 

The mission of the Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

Polio eradication is Rotary’s top philanthropic priority.


Next week we will be having Tom Rogers from District 7120 present on the subject of Rotary Foundation.

We will also be presenting a Paul Harris Fellow pin to a very worth recipient.

And a Little police Humor


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Chicken & Biscuits November 2020
Newark Rotary recently held its first Chicken & Biscuit sale.
Helmuth and Hannelora Reinhardt
Hannelora and Helmuth Reinhardt are the recipients of the 2020 Service Above Self award.
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