January 21, 2021

Newark RISE

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Joining us on zoom were our guest speakers for today - Jim Wood and Pastor Earl Green from Wayne Action for Racial Equality.

Carol Nary is happy to be home and feeling better every day.  Jeff Patchen reported on the progress of Helmuth Reinhardt.  He is able to make short trips to the Post Office but mostly he and Hannelora are staying safe at home.  Mitch Ruffalo reported that his Dad had been in the Newark Wayne Hospital with Covid but now is dealing with pneumonia and is not eating or drinking. Jean Williams joined us in-person - “One knee down and one to go”.

Grace Norcott shared some tips on mask wearing.  Try one that is designed for exercise from Athleta or Dicks. Exhale through your mouth with slow deep breaths.  You might like one that ties behind your head.  Remember to wash masks frequently.  Here’s some incentive - the choice is stay home or wear a mask so you can get out!
A grandmother overheard her 5-year-old granddaughter playing “wedding”.  The wedding vows went like this-
You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be held against you, you have the right to have a lawyer present.  
You may now kiss the bride!
Three old fellas were sitting at the Pub having a drink.  The 1st says “my memory is not so good these days.  I stopped halfway on the stairs at home and couldn’t remember if I was going up or coming down.”  The 2nd old fellow said “a similar thing happened to me, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and couldn’t remember if I was getting up or going to sleep”.  The third old fellow said “Thank God my brain is as sharp as a tack, as he knocked his knuckles on the Bar three times and yelled - Who’s there?”
How do you make a Swiss roll?
Push him down a hill!

President Donna announced that there will be no board meeting on January 19th.

Fred Hicks reminded the Foundation Committee that they will meet on the LAST Thursday of each month.

Jim Weiler shared some research he found on Covid protection.  Surgical masks offer some protection from inhaling infectious aerosols but surgical masks worn by patients reduce exposures of these aerosols to others.  Research also shows that ventilation and air disinfection is helpful in congregate settings.  Thank you to Mike Muscolino and Mitch Ruffalo for helping to make our meeting room safe at the Community Center.
Mike Muscolino added a special thank you to Bob Bendix and the work of the Village board helping local businesses to stay open.

Jean Bendix reminded us that the Spelling Bee will not be held this year.  She hopes we can still raise money for literacy.  Stay tuned for ‘Fun with Spelling’ with Jean Bites!

Holly Kreuser requested we help out Nana’s by ordering chicken dinners to go and Fish on Fridays.  Mike suggested we share our $3 meeting donations to help Mary in these trying times.

President Donna and Treasurer Kevin Mooney presented his wife, Lynn with her Blue Badge.  Lynn is participating on the membership committee and announced that they may be obtaining a Corporate membership from BOCES.

Linda Werts introduced Thursday’s speakers.  Earl Greene is the minister at the Church of Christ on West Ave. here in Newark and currently serves as president of WAYNE ACTION FOR RACIAL EQUALITY.  Jim Wood is one of the founding members.  He is a retired Social Studies teacher from Sodus.  He chairs the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration committee and the events that take place in January and February.
Minister Earl Greene spoke to us via Zoom.  He also is the director of Family Engagement are  Equity at the Rochester Children’s Institute where his goal is to dismantle racism by educating more people to realize we can all walk together.

Race is not all inclusive of Black and White.  There is also bias against women, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community.  The systemic problem makes one group superior to another.  Wayne County is focused on inclusiveness.

Jim Wood encouraged us to participate in the MLK events of January.  Beyond the flyer there are events in February.  A book discussion of “Caste” on February 13th 10:30-12:00.  In March “What is systemic Racism?” 3/10/21  7:00-8:30.
We are proud to have our own Sheriff Virts as a WARE member.

Dave Hannan is interested in the equity of distribution of Covid vaccines.  The Dr. in Williamson is the resident expert trying to stop distrust and has made a list of questions and answers available.

Melissa Corriea as director of the Library mentioned that they have a WARE collection of books by people of color.

Lucina Hallagan is our chairperson of the DEI committee.  She inquired as to how a person can become a member of WARE.  Simply contact Earl or Jim by e-mail.  They meet on zoom the first Monday of every month.

Linda Werts praised their effort to dismantle racism.  She encouraged more Rotarians to get involved.

Deb Stope reminded us to watch “The Color of Compromise”.
Continuing on with Newark Rotary Club’s Diversity Month, next week we will have Mitch Leet from YANA (You Are Not Alone).  The focus will be on presenting the role that YANA plays in supporting the LGBTQ COMMUNITY  in Wayne county. 

And a Little Plane Humor


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