Mayor Jonathan Taylor spoke to our club regarding the Newark DRI and other economic issues.
Mitch Ruffalo gave us words of inspiration from Mother Theresa
Guests:  Julie Nevilizer and Cruz Johnson
Wellness Report
Dave Hannan — his son and daughter-in-law are deployed in separate places.  Passing a card for each one thanking them for their service.
Melissa — sending card around for Helmuth
Ted O’Toole’s son, Sean (Holly’s brother) is in Roswell
Member bio:  Stephen Mooney
He was born and raised on West Avenue in Newark during the 1950's & 60's. He attended Perkin's School, St Michael's School, and Newark High. His mother was a registered nurse and his dad worked for Emmons Jewelry, a division of C.H. Stuart.
He was a middle child. His older brother (CLIFF) and older sister (EDIE) kept his parents busy thereby showing Steve how to stay out of trouble. His good example was not exactly followed by his younger brother (KEVIN) or sometimes by younger sister (SHARON).
He was a cub and boy scout and earned 7 Varsity letters in soccer and golf. After graduating from the University of Dayton, he received his DDS degree from SUNY Buffalo in 1972.
He married Charlotte, also a Dayton graduate, before joining the U.S. Airforce. The Air Force
allowed him to practice his newly learned dental skills on unsuspecting airmen for two years at the northern tip of Maine.
Charlotte and Steve returned to Newark in 1974 and he opened a private family dental practice. They raised three children, Scott, Karen, and Kate. Charlotte and Steve have lived on East Avenue for 43 years.
He has been President of the Newark Chamber of Commerce, Alex Eligh Community Center, Newark Country Club and the Newark Rotary Club.
He started to play golf at about age 5. Seventy years later, this past October, he accidentally had his first hole-in-one. Now, he is trying to get another, but this time, on purpose.
  • Gary Reilly Camp ONSEYAWA Golf Tournament.  We had 5 teams last year — let’s do more
  • Kevin Mooney — Canal clean up — meet at 9:00 by the locks on Saturday.  Corner of Clinton and Murray
  • Kevin Mooney — 501 3C finally approved.  The Foundation is now a tax deductible charity
  • Scott Healy — assuming Fred Hicks position as Foundation Chair for the club
  • Josh McCrossen needs some additional members for the public image committee
Birthdays: Marc Kreuser, Walt Hallagan, Marsha Williams , Jeff Patchen
 Other happy moments & celebrations
Doug Forge:  tax season officially over for 2022, 21 year old son got his drivers permit
Alicia Vazquez — husband found a new job in Texas, will be relocating in the fall.
 Queen of Hearts
 Mitch Ruffalo did not draw the Queen — the pot is continuing to grow
Bob Bendix introduced Jonathan Taylor, Mayor of Newark
First off Jonathan wanted to start with a happy dollar donation announcing that his daughter was named the New York State Dairy Ambassador.  Congratulations Gabby
Johnathan then updated us regarding the 10 Million economic development grant that Newark received.  It was a long process that involved many hours of work.  Johnathan shared that he and the board have been focusing on Newark’s infra-structure so that we can support more manufacturing.  When the pandemic hit they were in process of applying the the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) grant — they found ways to continue working and were able to complete the application and submit it on time.  In December of 2021 it was announced that Newark would receive a DRI grant!
Now the next phase of work is in process.  They have been compiling a list of projects and proposals. Some of the projects are:  To see a full listing with descriptions go to
  • Hotel and Conference center.  Need a facility that can host conferences and larger dinners
  • New facility to host village offices and school district
  • Relational health and wellness center. 
  • Old Harrison St — a business looking to put housing units and possibly some commercial and retail space.  One focus is allowing people to “age in place” housing
  • Building improvement fund — providing grant funding for downtown building owners to support interior and exterior building improvements.
  • Upgrade the canal — possibly some town homes, retail
  • St. Mary’s — additional housing
Need to get all of this into a 23 million proposal.  It will then go to the Governor of NYS for approval.  Timeline:  realistically end of 2023 to start.
This is all possible because of the people who live in the community of Newark.
There are more projects in the works well beyond the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) money.
  • Bob Bendix announced that the retail store Marshall’s will be coming to Newark.  At the Newark Plaza
  • Susie Earl:  regarding the Health and Wellness Center.  How much of the money can be used?   Jonathan — there are limits as to how much can be allocated to a particular project.
  • the old Medical Building on the corner of East and E.Miller Street.  What is happening with it? It has been donated to an organization in Arizona.  Newark is trying to get them to donate the building to the Village so that it can be taken down and the land repurposed.
  • 83 M is total value of projects proposed, of that 23 M is requested from the DRI.  Then the Governor wants us to reduce it to 15M and the Governor chooses the projects.
  • From Bob Bendix — the DRI is basically “seed money”
  • Nothing specifically in DRI for playground space.  Health and Wellness Center to have a much broader focus than current Community Center — child care, training facilities, medical and therapy space — geared for year-round, and expanded hours.
  • Current Community Center — trying to find a good fit for this space.
  • Dredging the brook in Perkins Park — still don’t have a clear plan for Perkins Park going forward.  Need to find a plan to deal with the water that flows through it.
Melissa:  Thank you so much Johnathon for all of your hard work and for taking the time to speak with us.
 Next week :  NO lunch meeting – Social will be Wednesday 4/27 — Disney Trivia at the Bowling Alley
Next Meeting:  May 5th
Greeter:  Sharon SanAngelo
Cashier:  David Saracino
Inspiration and Pledge:  Gary Reilly