Lucina Hallagan is our newest recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations Lucina!
Fred Hicks shared some inspiration from Jane Goodalls new book - The Book of Hope
I know these four great challenges by heart
First, we must alleviate poverty, if you are living in crippling poverty, you will cut down the last tree to grow food.
Second, we must reduce the unsustainable lifestyles of the affluent.
Third, we must eliminate corruption.
And finally, we must face up to the problems caused by growing populations of humans and their livestock.
Yvonne Brantley was a guest of Dave Tyler from the Community Bank.
Marty Wemett reported that Susie McUmber fell on her stairs and broke her hip and shoulder.  She has returned home from the hospital in Batavia.
Dave Tyler reported that Zada Pitcher had died in Maryland.  Her husband was well known in Newark as a principal and pilot.
Tim Johnson reported that Lee Prong is still fighting Covid and is now on a respirator in Canandaigua.  
MaryJo Fenyn reported that Suzie Earl has moved to Parkwood  Heights in Macedon - Also known as Newark West.  She has Glaucoma and cannot drive.
Our catering at the American Legion every Thursday is provided by Mary Fitch.  She announced that she would welcome suggestions for weekly lunches.  Beginning in 2022, Mary has added a salad and a wrap of the week.  
We appreciate the yummy food she prepares and her attempt at variety to please everyone - NOT EASY!
During the past 100 years the foundation has spent over $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.  The first two grant options are District grants, funding small scale activities that address needs in your community and abroad and Global Grants that fund large scale international activities.
Lucina was born in Newark but moved many times living in Illinois, Georgia, California, Massachusetts, and back to Newark.
Lucinas favorite part time job was a State of Mass. Park Ranger.  She played the part of Mrs Caroline Brooks, wife of the gate keeper at the Pawtucket Gate House in 1850.  Currently she works at Hallagan Manufacturing - not as much fun but the pay is better!
Lucina is also a certified Lay speaker for the United Methodist Church.  
Her family includes 3 children and 1 grandchild.  Lucina is an avid reader and also enjoys quilting, paddleboard, golf, pickle ball and my favorite - hoola hooping!
She loves being a part of Rotary sharing her skills and ENTHUSIASM!
Marc Kreuser enjoyed watching Virginia Techs football team playing in NYC at the Yankee stadium even though it was a terrible loss for the Hokies”.
President Melissa was happy to have another Christmas with her father who is suffering with Leukemia.
Scott Healy is proud of his son who is a CPA in Albany, recently promoted to Director.
Bruce Chambers is proud of his son who is an Optical Engineer - working to make the recent space launch a success.
MaryJo Fenyn was happy that her daughter made it safely home to Phoenix after dealing with an irate passenger sitting next to her on the plane who threw his mask on the book she was reading.
Frank All was happy to talk with a former exchange student who lived with him in 1998. She studied Art History in the Netherlands and is now a spiritual healer and a testimony to Newark Rotary.
Michele McManus was happy that her daughter came to visit from Connecticut.  She drove her new Tesla that required THREE STOPS to recharge.  Out of 18 visitors her one granddaughter has tested positive for Covid.
Having nothing to do with Paul Harris, Fred was inspired by Frank Alls happy moment and decided  to share a story of his exchange student from Brazil.  The student wanted to stay in the US and go to Hollywood to direct Horror movies.  Please give Fred a call if you need the rest of the story.
BACK TO THE SCHEDULE - Fred, as Foundation Chair, was pleased to present Lucina Hallagan with a Paul Harris Fellow award for her generous contribution the the foundation.
Josh McCrossen announced that the Public Image Committee will meet next week following the lunch meeting.  If you have an insert for the new brochure please send it to Norma on her email.
Alicia Vasquez led us through a mock Spelling Bee that was entertaining and informative.  The money raised goes to the Literacy volunteers.  You can also pay $10 for an ad in the brochure.  We hope to have many volunteers.
Our next meeting will be held on January 13th.  Our program will be Andrew Muldoon, VP of Philanthropic Engagement for the Rochester Area Community Foundation
Greeter - Mark Lockwood
Cashier - Norma Reilly
Words of Inspiration - Steve Hallagan