President Melissa Correia opened her first meeting as president of the new Rotary year. It felt great to be back at the American Legion with a Nana’s buffet lunch.
President Mellissa Correia opened the meeting at the American Legion and began with a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of COVID over the past year and the tragedy at Surfside, FL. Eric Johnson, husband of Donna Johnson was our only guest. Please think of Fred Hicks who was in the hospital recently.
Mellissa thanked the American Legion for their hospitality and for welcoming us back to their facility. Melissa thanked Past President Donna for allowing her to leave before the club changeover so that she could catch a flight to California to see her son Jackson who is serving in the U.S. Navy.
Melissa introduced theme the theme for 2021-2022: Serve to Change Lives. She wants to build fellowship and friendship this year. She asked everyone to complete a biography so we can know more about each other.
Melissa read her biography. Did you know that Melissa worked at an auto repair center in Ohio? She eventually got her master’s degree in library science at SUNY Geneseo and began working at libraries. She loves reading and puzzles. During COVID, Melissa learned crochet and made 5 blankets and also picked up pickleball.
Melissa plans to throw out trivia to the club. Also, birthdays and anniversaries will be celebrated weekly, so come prepared!
For the 2021-2022 Rotary year, Melissa wants to try something new. The noon weekly meeting of the last Thursday of each month will be replaced with a social event. This month we will meet at the Rose Bowl Lanes in the evening.
Melissa announced that the Charles Baldwin Award went to Michaela Colacino and Rachael George received the Stott Scholarship.
Donna Johnson announced the Premier Sponsorship Program for 2021-2022. Information will be posted on the website.
Doug Forgue discussed the RL Concessions cleanup and prep for auction of equipment. Doug was looking for volunteers for July 6th.
Melissa asked for a Rotarian to oversee Health and Wellness. It would involve keeping track of our members who need prayers and remembering during times of illness or mourning.
Committee reports were given.
(I had to leave the meeting early. Trudy was taking care of Fred. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the bulletin writeup during this Rotary year, please let Trudy or Marc know.)
Next week we will welcome Steven and Carol Szatko of the Newark Pilots baseball team.