At our last meeting we inducted our newest corporate member, ESL Federal Credit Union.
Michele McManus gave the invocation, the pledge to the flag and the Four-Way Test.
Wendy Hilferer - ESL Federal Credit Union
Joanna Meyer – Camp Onseyawa
Braxton Guy – Guest of Adam O
Katie Pullen – Guest of Adam O
  • Pat Albrecht said that she spoke to the Reinhardts. Hannelora and Reinhardt are doing as well as can be expected.
  • Marge Gile said that Frank Russell recovered from Covid this past spring after spending time in DeMay.
  • Marge also said that at Dick Boerman’s calling hours, she was grateful for the help she received from others due to the long lines.
  • Holly Kreuser said that Fred Hicks is playing soccer in Florida.
New Member Induction Ceremony
ESL Federal Credit Union was inducted as a corporate member today. Wendy Hilferer is the branch manager. She has spent 15 years with ESL and splits her time between the Newark and Canandaigua branches. She is married and has two children who attend school at Midlakes.
  • Josh McCrossen passed out small flyers for the festival and asked members to distribute around the community.
  • Doug Forgue said that individual contributions to the festival will be accepted.
  • Jim Weiler recognized everyone in the festival’s logistics committee.
Happy Moments
  • Gail Chambers was very happy that her new Hallagan chair is very comfortable and arrived three months early.
  • Melissa recently celebrated her wedding anniversary, had Jackson back home, her mother came out of the hospital, and went to a Yankees game.
  • Mike Muscolino said his daughter in Philadelphia quit her inner-city school teaching job and is now working for Pet Boys in the corporate office.
  • Adam O was happy that his house was picked up and clean before his wife returned home from Orlando.
Queen of Hearts
Jeff Patchen was not lucky this week!
Guest Speaker - Joanna Meyer
Joanna Meyer, co-director of Camp, spoke to us about Camp Onseyawa. Over 20 years ago she began as a staffer and then eventually became co-director. Joanna gave examples of kids at camp and their experiences. Examples included archery for a blind girl and a treasure box for a child whose mother never took time off for herself. Kids experience eating as a family and making lots of friends. Every camper attends for free. Their expenses are paid for by club assessments, donations, fundraisers, etc. Joanna encouraged us to visit Camp Onseyawa, to keep representation on the board, share information about the club, help with teardown, etc. They have an Amazon wish list (link).