Rotary is a non-discriminatory, non-political and non-denominational organization.
In lieu of a prayer Melissa shared these words of inspiration.
With our friends beside us and no person beneath us
With the bonds of Rotary between us and our worries behind us
With our goals before us and no task beyond us
With a thirst for knowledge and a dream for a polio free world
We are thankful for our Rotary friends and the meal we are about to share.
Adam O.  will have an update next week after visiting the Reinhardts Thursday afternoon.
Fred Hicks is home and doing well.
Donna Johnson, with the help of VANAaka Dave Doebler, presented a Premier Sponsor update.  So far we have 9 sponsors toward our goal of 50 with MaryJo Fenyn taking the lead.  Our first project with this money is a porch for Habitat for Humanity.
As of 7-5-2021 Newark Rotary leads the district in Polio Plus contributions with $6,690.73 and is second in total contributions with $23,792.73.  Thanks to past president Donna Johnson and Foundation chair Fred Hicks and his committee.
Laci Graham, as executive director of Laurel House, thanked our club for the donation of $1000.
Lara and Andy Orechovesky thanked the club for the donation and support of Laurel House in their Moms( Carol Nary) memory.
Rachel George was pleased to be presented with the Newark Rotary and Charles Stott Scholar award.  Rachel will be majoring in Music Therapy and French Horn performance at Nazareth College.
A few highlights - Donna worked at Wegmans full-service bakery, her first job and dream job in High School.  She was field director for Mission Reach-Out Haiti for 10 years - Impressive!  Presently she is a Financial advisor with Lyons National Bank.
She was the 4th of 5 children.  Now married to Eric Johnson for almost 14 years.  Together they have Fred age 13 and Bella age 12.
Melissa Coreia was happy to visit her son in California even with the delays in the LONG trip home.
Adam O. was happy to be back in-person at a Rotary meeting.  He has purchased a 3rd business dealing with Gutters.  Displaying multi talents, his band Flannel Undergroundwill perform Friday at Sodus Point.  He generously paid a fine of $100 to go to the foundation.
Josh McCrossen was happy to have entertained 7 grandchildren over the 4th involving tents, fireflies and a campfire.
Steve Taylor also had an amazing 4th of July with his grandchildren.  Boating was replaced by a motorcycle ride with his son-in-law (Attn Marc Thoms - no operator permit).  The biggest accomplishment of the week-end was cleaning out the garage!
Alicia Vasquez was happy that the kids are back for the libraries summer reading program.
Linda Werts introduced Steve and Carol Szatko.  Steves career was in education including an administrative position in the Midlakes district.  
Carol is a clinical social worker and served as president of Abraham House, a home for the terminally ill.
Most recently they purchased the Newark Pilots baseball team.  They are looking forward to a great season following Covids no-season last year.  They offered our members $15 season tickets in return for becoming a Premier Sponsor.
Our own Mary Fitch is operating the concession stand at Coburn Park.  People are lining up for Nanas at the Park”.
The college players, win or lose, are interested in developing their skills.  Presently there is a real need for host families for players and coaches so this program can go forward.
Mayor Taylor threw out the first pitch and his daughter, Gabriella sang the national anthem.  
Carol and Steve are committed to dealing with Newark businesses  like Arcadia sports for team shirts.  There will be a double header with the rescheduled fireworks on July 21st.  Check their website at NewarkPilots.com.
Next weeks speaker is Dave Englert from the Wayne County Partnership.
The greeter is Bob Bendix, cashier Jean Bendix