Last week we had our last open meeting of the Rotary year.  Well, almost last...
Jean Bendix introduced Steve MacNeal.  He is the Administrative Sergeant running for Wayne County Sheriff.  Jean remembered babysitting for Steve when he was 7 months old - famous for crying and holding his breath until he passed out.  As promised by his parents, he always came to!!
Our former exchange student Elliot Dahl from Sweden will graduate on June 11th.  Thanks to Marc and Holly, Elliot will receive a video of our club congratulating and wishing him well.  Fred and I miss watching him on the Soccer field!!
Michele McManus is back from Connecticut and lucky to be alive!  Her message to all - WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!
Michele dozed off and went over the guard rail traveling to visit her daughter.  The first responders were great getting her to the hospital and Elsa to the vet. We are all happy to have Michele back in Newark with no major injuries!!
Alex Quku is on the mend following a wood-chipper accident.  He had surgery to treat a facial injury.
Lucina asked for prayers for her son-in-law.  He is taking antibiotics, being septic - waiting an appendectomy.
Steve Taylors mother recently passed.  His wife has covid and so they are presently quarantining.  
If you clean a vacuum does that make you a vacuum cleaner?
If you sweat while wearing a sweater do you become a sweater?
If you are waiting for a waiter does that make you a waiter?
How do you get straight As in school?  Use a ruler
Why was the math book so worried?  Because there were so many problems.
With the camp Onseyawa golf tournament on Saturday, June 12th, there is a big push for support of the online Auction which started May 31st and ends on June 12th at 3 PM
You will need to create an account before being able to bid but its only your name and email so we can contact you when you have a winning bid.
Linda Werts reported that all systems are gofor Wednesday afternoons from May to October.  She is looking for a least 15 additional volunteers.  Sign up sheets were on every table for various categories.  Dave Johnson has an idea for an indoor facility for the  winter months. Please consider helping in some capacity.  
Holly Kreuser invited us to join with Ameriprise in the Habitat for Humanity project on Friday June 18th at 149 West Pearl from 8:45 - 3 pm.  RSVP to Holly 315-331-1177  
President Donna read the thank you note sent to Norma.  We are pleased to accept the Literacy award for 2021!
BOARD - DONNA JOHNSON - In-person meeting place, dues, premier sponsors and foodlink partners were areas of discussion.  Treasurer, Kevin Mooney reported
WE HAVE MONEY! After a difficult year we will be in the black following the BBQ on Fathers day.
ADMINISTRATION - BOB BENDIX requested chairs for the July and August programs.  The bi-laws will be submitted to the board on the 15th.
YOUTH SERVICES - MICHELE MCMANUS - update - Holly with assistance of daughter Meghan and son Ryan will be the new Interact chairperson.  Hoping to be back on track with a normal school year ahead.
COMMUNITY SERVICE - MITCH RUFFALO is happy to have Jean Bendix replacing him in the new Rotary year starting in July.  Linda Werts reported that the Mexico water project is slowly moving forward.
FUNDRAISING - JAN HENCE - the BBQ scheduled for June 20th is ready with volunteers for each time slot.  She hopes to sell all 600 dinners.  Representing the Public Image committee, I will hand out our new brochures and - weather permitting - display the project boards of our Premier Sponsors.
DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION - Lucina was pleased with her new committees great year of programs.  The new chairs for next year are Donna Johnson and Karen Q.
PUBLIC IMAGE - JOSH MCCROSSEN - The project, We R Rotary, will highlight an interview with Melissa Correia.  Please give pictures of Rotary activities to Josh.  Each committee may contribute an insert to add to our new brochure.  
Josh learned a lot in his first year and is willing to act a chair for another year.
FOUNDATION - FRED HICKS reported that he collects yearly for 2 causes.  Paul Harris had a goal of $8,000 and collected $12,500.  Polio plus had a goal of $3,000 and collected $5,400.  GO FRED!   - no discussion - Fred remains as Foundation Chairman!
Still wearing his red badge - Mark Thomas led the singing for the June birthdays.
BILL DOEBLER was happy to celebrate 52 years in Rotary.  He took us on a trip down memory lane.  When he first joined the club they only took one person from each profession.  Paul Harris wanted local business MEN as a fraternity of networking, where as now it is more of a service organization.  They met at the Old World Inn wearing suits and ties.  Women joined in 1987 with Hannelora Reinhardt as our first female member.
LUCINA HALLAGAN was happy to be the winner in the womens golf tournament at Sodus Bay Heights last Saturday.
ANN ROGERS is happy that the airlines are back in business so that she was able to visit her son and granddaughter.