Bradley Butler spoke to us about Main Street Arts in nearby Clifton Springs.
Words of Inspiration
Mary Jo Fenyn gave us some thoughts to ponder such as “What is like before internet?” and “Everything will work again if you unplug it.”
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Steve Mooney brought his wife, Charlotte.
Wellness Report
Pat Albrecht is unfortunately back in the hospital.
  • Kevin and Lynn Mooney are off to Norway. Lucina Hallagan can take your dues payments during the Rotary meetings.
  • Jean Bendix asked for a helper for the upcoming chicken barbecue and Gary Reilly volunteered.
  • Norma Madayag Reilly announced that the Camp Onseyawa auction continues to take place online.
  • Mitch Ruffalo is still looking people to sign up for committees for the Fall Festival. Next week will be a working meeting for the festival.
  • Jan asked for chicken barbecue tickets to be sold.
Wedding Anniversaries
Clay and Donna Depew (38 years)
Gail and Steve Vanderbrook (45 years)
Happy Moments
Adam O is hosting the Business After Hours tonight at Marshall Exteriors.
Alicia Vazquez’s husband just got a promotion to sergeant at the correction facility in Texas.
Queen of Hearts
We finally had a winner and Dave Hannan pulled out the Queen of Hearts! Congratulations Dave!
Bradley Butler of Main Street Arts was our speaker today. Brad showed slides of his art work and the gallery. He is a song writer, having written about 80 songs. He is also a graphic designer. He the executive director of the gallery, which is located across the street from Warfields in Clifton Springs. It was a dream of Marjorie Morris who had a dream to open the gallery on Main Street in Clifton Springs. The gallery opened in 2013.
Brad was hired to make it a gallery. His wife joined him as a director in 2017. The gallery evolved into a nonprofit arts organization in 2018.
Classes are given in the gallery to students grades 1 through 6. There are also workshops for adults, which are tied to exhibitions.
They try to collaborate with other organizations, such as the Cummings Nature Center.
On the second floor is the Robert and Francine Marx Art Resource Library, which has over 1500 books.
The current exhibition is called Tangible Objects, which runs through July 14th. The exhibition is meant for us to learn to appreciate tangible objects that we take for granted. There are seven exhibitions per year.
The focus is on local artists, but they also host national juried art exhibitions. Artists are attracted from all over the country.
Plein Aire exhibition – outdoor art creation and exhibition will be held on September 17, 2022.
Awards are given and they are always looking for award sponsors.
Sulfur Books is also on premise and continues the tradition of having a book store on property. It sells many different types of books, including children’s books.
Tonight is an art movie screening and review of Hilma Klint.
Next Week
Program: Working Meeting to plan the Fall Festival
Greeter: David Tyler
Cashier: Norm VanDemortel
Words of Inspiration: Pat Albrecht or Sue Colacino