Newark Rotary recently donated money to the Kay Espwa Orphange, which we have done for many years. Rotarian Doug Doebler, who coordinates the funding, provided us this update of how the funds are being used:
Queen of Hearts Funds are in use in Haiti today.  Good story we can tell if you like.  I got a call Tuesday afternoon from my guy in Haiti that runs the Kay Espwa Orphanage.  He ask if it was ok that they could use the Rotary funds to provide food for another village in Haiti.  It’s actually a village that our group built couple yrs ago - 44 houses.  Sylla said he had enough funds for food for the Kay Espwa kids this month but this other village really was in tough shape and could use assistance and he wanted to share what Kay Espwa has with them.  Probably bought bunch of bags of rice & beans and maybe some chickens? He was asking permission to do this.  Of course I said yes!  I thought that was pretty interesting that they have so little in Haiti and wanted to share our $$$ gift with another village.  Sylla told me that would feed them for a month.  Photo of the other Asher Family Village kids attached with t-you Newark Rotary sign from this week.  Near St Marc Haiti.