Maurie Strobridge received the Paul Harris Fellow recognition at our meeting on May 13th. Maurie joined Newark Rotary in 1954 - over 67 years ago. 



Ken George brought his daughter Julie Nevelizer.  Ryan Kreuser was a guest of Marc and Holly.



When Gary and Norma visited the new Zoo in Rochester they only had one dog

It was a SHITZOO


A priest, a minister and a rabbit go into a bar. What does the rabbit say?

I’m a TYPO


A man asked a fairy to make him desirable to all women

She turned him into a CREDIT CARD

The oldest computer was owned by Adam and Eve

It was an APPLE with a very limited memory. Just 1 byte and everything crashed.

Why did the lifeguard kick the elephants out of the pool?

They kept dropping their trunks!


Fred Hicks as Foundation Chair was pleased to present 2 PH recognitions.

Maurie Strobridge is 96 years young and has been a Rotarian for 57 years.  We were privileged to have Maurie attending our meeting on Thursday.  Maurie was a lawyer and a judge before he retired.

Ryan Kreuser recently graduated from Oswego and previously Newark High School where he was an exchange student representing Newark Rotary in the Netherlands from 2015-2016.  Rotary sponsored Ryan in his 4x4x48, David Goggins challenge in which he ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.  He only slept 11 of the 48!!

Ryan made over $1200 for the foundation.





Fred Hicks was the first Rotarian to  complete the 21 day challenge and was happy to give Lucina his BBQ tickets to sell.

Donna Johnson pulled the winning ticket for the Amazon gift card.

Other participants were Lucina, MaryJo, and Karen Q.



Linda Werts invited us to attend the book sale on Saturday May 22nd from 10-4 at the South Main Emporium to benefit Laurel House.

Linda also requested that following the regular Rotary meeting a small group meet to consider signing on for a revised Mobile Pantry as a POP UP PANTRY to begin in July.

Holly invited us to the “Shred it” and food collection this Saturday at the Ameriprise office.

President Donna announced that we will not use paypal for the BBQ on Father’s day.

She was pleased to announce that our Club won the Literacy award at the virtual District Conference.

The Change-Over dinner will be held at the Belhurst on July 1st. Next year’s motto is SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES

Next year’s district conference will be held in Oswego, NY.



Lucina Hallagan as chairperson of our DEI committee, described herself as someone who likes to follow the rules but embraces diversity and inclusion and accepts the label - white woman of privilege.  She was emotional and bravely expressed her feelings knowing that not everyone can accept others with differences as she does.

Steve Hassler engaged us in group participation.  The powerful questions gave us food for thought.

Karen Quartaro led us through a privilege exercise - concluding we are all quite privileged!  We watched Tyler Perry receiving the Humanitarian award.  He challenged us to REFUSE HATE.


There was no Queen of Hearts winner last week. Only a few cards left!

Next week we will hear about the Mexico water project.