Steve Mooney was recognized as multiple Paul Harris Fellow during our last meeting, as we celebrate the Rotary Foundation during November.
Norma Reilly gave us words of inspiration.
Guests:  Laci Graham, guest of Susie McUmber and prospective new member; Tanya Taylor, Newark Public Library, prospective new member
Wellness ReportSusie Earl is not feeling well.  Nice to see Kevin Mooney back after his surgery.
  • Honoring the Veterans of Newark Rotary
  • Monday, Nov 21st Jack Blodgett blood drive
  • Lasagna Dinner this Sunday
  • Christmas Carol - Dec 10. Tickets are $15.00 per person. Let’s support this wonderful performance.  All proceeds benefit Newark Rotary
  • Food Drive - fill a Wegmans grocery bag. Instructions are included with the bag.*
  • Linda Werts — Rotary Salutes the Newark Wayne Community Hospital. There will be subcommittees to oversee different departments.  March 20-24, 2023. Please volunteer to participate in this wonderful service project.
  • Michele McManus — RPO is returning to Newark. $12 - Adult; $10 - Sr Citizen; $5 - student on Friday, Dec 2 at 7:00 pm
  • Michele McManus — Mary Kay Open House, 11/12 & 13th from 1-5.
  • Gary Reilly — reminder to suggest prospective members, service or fundraising ideas in little books on your table
  • David Doebler — Salvation Bell ringing - on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving
Happy Moments:
  • Club Anniversaries - Doug Doebler - 37 years; David Tyler - 5 years; Jeff Patchen - 8 years
  • Frank All:  wife, Judy, doing well; Semper Fidelis –  247th anniversary of Marine Corp; Tim Johnson sends his greetings and heartfelt thank you.
  • Ruffalo’s is donating a new furnace install to a deserving Veteran
  • Newark First United Methodist Church is hosting a free tribute concert for area Veterans - Saturday, 11/12 at 3:00 pm
  • Doug Doebler - update on Haiti - orphanage is doing well - but the political climate is horrible.
  • Doug Doebler - vacationed to Tahiti - great paradise vacation 
Queen of Hearts
Scott Healy did not draw the Queen — the pot is continuing to grow
Program: Scott Healy - Rotary Foundation
Scott is happy to be the Newark Rotary Foundation Chairperson.
Recognize all Paul Harris fellows!  Steve Mooney received his Paul Harris Fellow +2!  Congratulations and thank you.
November is Foundation month.
You can give to the Foundation in a number of ways — write a check, payable to Rotary Foundation - indicate your preference i.e. Polio Plus, etc. — you can give online and can set regular donations.
Paul Harris Fellow recognition:  it is simply a recognition of cumulative giving in $1000 increments. After $10,000 in giving you become a “major donor”
Scott gave some highlighted information regarding the Rotary Foundation – he is happy to send you a copy if you request it.
  • For a Paul Harris Fellow - you can assign your “points” to other Rotarians so that they can receive a Paul Harris recognition
  • See Scott Healy or Norma Reilly to find out what your point level is.
Reminder:  Next Meeting:  November 17
*Don't forget your filled Wegmans grocery bags!