Neil Pitts, president of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, presented a very nice plaque to the Newark Rotary Club this past Thursday. Neil said that the pageant, which was put on over 28 years, would not have been successful without the support of Rotary and Lions Clubs. With Neil and club president Melissa Correia are the past executive committee members of RL Concessions: June Crawford, Doug Forgue, Jan Hence, Jim Praino, Norma Madayag-Reilly, and Gary Reilly.
President Melissa began the meeting with a moment of silence for Colin Powell and all veterans, living and dead. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.
Guests: Suliman Girit
Visitor: Neil Pitts, from Hill Cumorah
Helmuth donated coupon books from Canandaigua Rotary.
Alicia Vazquez announced that the Literacy Committee is collecting large print books. The committee is also looking for readers for the upcoming literacy event.
Dave Doebler announced the upcoming Salvation Army Bell Ringing. We need volunteers for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Dave also announced that dictionaries will be given to Kelley School.
Bob Bendix has tickets for the Christmas Carol, to be performed by Kim Tenreiro.
President Melissa pointed out that Newark Rotarians have asked for more community service opportunities and we have a great opportunity with the Literacy and Salvation Army events.
Scott Healy reminded us that donations can be made by check and online. Donations can be made to the Annual Fund and/or PolioPlus.
Steve Taylor, Nov. 6 and the US Marine Corps Nov 10 (246 years old)
Queen of Hearts
Mitch was unlucky with pulling for the Queen of Hearts.
Happy Bucks
Melissa fined the middle table of repeat offenders.
Jim Praino was happy to be back from his cottage in Canada and in the fellowship of Rotarians. He updated us on his family. His grandson graduated from RIT and granddaughter is a sophomore at SU. Another grandson is the captain of Webster Schroeder basketball team.
Adam O paid a penalty for sitting with Gary and Norma.
Hill Cumorah
June Crawford introduced Neil Pitts, president of Hill Cumorah.  She also brought up former members of the executive committee. Neil said that the pageant was canceled due to having more members outside the USA and Canada. The Church decided to not have members spend money to travel to the Hill Cumorah and save money. Neil thanked Rotary and Lions clubs for the 28 year participation in support Hill Cumorah. Niels presented a very nice plaque to the club.
Fred Hicks discussed the Rotary and the United Nations. Peacemaking was not a role when Rotary first began. But Paul Harris promoted tolerance. In 1914 at the Rotary convention in Houston, a peace resolution was passed. After World War I, the Foundation was founded. In 16 years, peacemaking was included in the Rotary Constitution. After World War II, Rotarians from 32 countries attended the formation of the United Nations. Carlos Romulo of the Philippines, a Rotarian, was one of the first presidents of the UN General Assembly. Rotary and the United Nations have a shared history of seeking peace around the world. Peacemaking has always begun at the local level.
Next Week Fred Hicks will talk more about the Foundation
Greeter: Jan Hence
Cashier: Scott Healy