Jorge Bueso and Mary Fitch were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows during our last meeting.
Opening and Invocation led by Dave Hannan.
Wellness Report –
  1. Mary Jo is struggling with pneumonia.
  2. President Adam’s sister-in-law is out of the hospital and recuperating at home.
Guests:  Youth Exchange Student Luis Barbosa and Rotarian Sulyman visiting from Turkey.
Snapple Facts:
(I did not get the Snapple Facts for this week, but I do remember that a spider’s silk is stronger than steel!)
  1. RPO tickets for December 1 performance the Newark High School are being sold by Michele McManus.
  2. Salvation Army Bell Ringing signups are taking place and can be made by clicking here.
  3. No lunch meeting on December 14 due to the Ugly Sweater Party that evening.
  4. Gary Reilly thanked those who bought raffle tickets for Camp Onseyawa. The dinner was attended by 105 people. Lots of money raised for the dinner.
  5. Dave Johnson brought evidence of President Adam jumping very high during a recent show. He was selling the photo (with autograph).  
  6. Wendy Hilberer gave an update for Newark Rotary Salutes: Organizations being saluted: Newark Police Department, Arcadia Medical Service. Port Gibson FD, Fairville PD, Newark FD. She was looking for captains of each. Will take place in March 2024.
Happy Moments: 
  • Scott Healy announced that his daughter in Florida gave birth to a healthy daughter.
  • Doug Forgue paid $3 to help pay for the Bills’ new offensive coordinator.
  • Michele McManus’ grandson made the soccer all-tournament team.
  • Holly Kreuser was in San Antonio, TX visiting Grace. She attended a rodeo where kids also participated by riding sheep and chasing heifers.
  • Mary Jo said that her kept car warning her about uneven road ahead. She argued with the dealer that they should fix it and they refused. She put her high-tech skills to use by downloading updated software to a flash drive and installing it in her car all by herself.
  • Josh McCrossen attended his first Bills game ever last Monday night. He could not stand up to see the jumbo-tron, and therefore, with everyone else standing, was happy to not see all the bad plays.
Birthdays: Kurt Werts, Paul Salisbury and Luis Rivera. We sang a very sad off-key birthday song. We needed Jean Bendix!
Club Anniversaries: Jeff Patchen, 9 years
Queen of Hearts. Jorge Bueso did not pick the right card. More money for the pot!
Paul Harris Presentation: Jorge Bueso and Mary Fitch were presented with Paul Harris Fellow recognitions. These recognitions were made possible by an anonymous donor who wanted to recognize all the service they provide to the club and the community. Congratulations Jorge and Mary!
Program:  Scott Healy asked us to remember why we contribute to the Foundation, whether it be local or international. He thanked us for our support of the Rotary Foundation. He introduced Dave Hannan who introduced Sulyman,   a Rotarian from Turkey, as is his wife. Sulyman has visited us numerous times over the past 23 years.
His wife’s club is a 94-member woman only club. Sulyman’s club has about 20 members.
Sulyman said international service is the beauty of Rotary to do work overseas. His wife’s project this year is to provide incubators for new born babies with lung issues. It is to be donated to the University of Instabul Hospital, which specializes in neonatal care. The incubator costs $30,500. It includes training.
The Rotary club in Turkey is seeking funding of $14,000 to close the gap for the Global Grant. Sulyman points out that his club has supported global grants for clubs in other parts of the world, such as one in Venezuela.
The Turkish club usually complete their projects within the current Rotary year. It is a critical project to ensure healthy babies.
President Adam said that he feels very strongly for this project due to losing a child at birth. He said he wants to make a major contribution, similar to his previous contribution to another project in Turkey. Thank you Adam!