This past Thursday we learned about Fred Snite and his life in an iron lung.
Invocation and Pledge
Words of Inspiration from Steve Maraboli for Thanksgiving followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mitch Ruffalo.
Marge returned from hospital today and hopes to return to Rotary after Thanksgiving.
Bob and Jean Bendix are both not feeling well.
  • President Melissa said that Jean Bendix submitted her resignation as President Nominee. The Nomination Committee is seeking candidates for president-elect, president nominee and board members. The committee is led by President-Elect Mitch Ruffalo.
  • Melissa is seeking more Rotarian biographies. Please consider submitting a biography. A biography worksheet is in the weekly bulletin.
  • Linda Werts announced the Celtic Yuletude concert.
  • Michele said she has posters for the RPO concert on December 3rd at 7 PM. Michele went over the details of the concert.
  • Also, Michele said that the St Michaels Christmas bazar will be held at the Methodist church.
  • Dave Doebler is looking for bell ringers on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.
  • Also, dictionaries were passed out to third graders this past Tuesday.
  • Alicia Vazquez is looking for one more reader at the library.
  • Also, she is also looking for large print books and crossword puzzles, as well as gift wrapping donations.
  • Lucina Hallagan announced the performance of A Christmas Carol being performed by Kim Tenreiro on November 27 at 2 PM. Details are in the bulletin.
  • Scott Healy talked about the rising COVID cases. He talked to Dr. Riccio regarding the vaccination rates, and the New York State mandate beginning November 22nd that all hospital facilities in New York will require all employees to be vaccinated.
Foundation Moment
Scott shared the information from the latest Grapevine regarding the Endowment Fund and the type of donations that can be made.
Queen of Hearts
Susan Hasanauer was not lucking in drawing for the Queen of Hearts.
Kurt Werts, Nov. 14
Paul Salisbury,  Nov. 17
Lynn Mooney, Nov. 21
Wedding Anniversaries
Russ Harris and Marianne Arseneau, Nov. 24
Linda and Kurt Werts, Nov. 25
Happy Moments
Melissa paid a fine for her Dallas Cowboys, which are doing well.
Adam O – There was a fire at the old Finger Lakes Construction building in Clyde, but everyone is okay.
Dave Hannan - Dave traveled to Annapolis and Roanoke to visit grandchildren. He also announced that unfortunately, there are two new cases of polio in Afghanistan.
Rotary Member Biography
Fred was born in Clifton Springs and he graduated from Honeyoye Falls, with his father as the school principal. He attended the College of Wooster, where he played soccer. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his DMD. He began is dental career with his uncle Ed Mundy. He has three sons who live in Virginia, San Francisco and New York City. His hobbies are doing stuff outdoors, including bee keeping. In Rotary, Fred is a Past President and long-time chair of the Foundation Committee. Trudy would be happy to share more about her introvert husband!
Fred Hicks talked about polio and the amazing story of Fred Snite. In 1936 he came down with polio while in Beijing, China. Iron lung invented in 1928 and helped people with breathing during acute phase of polio. He was able to return to the United States, while in the iron lung, travelling by ambulance, train, and ship. By wearing a portable iron lung, he visited Lourdes, France in 1939. Became celebrity wherever he went, especially at Notre Dame football games. He married Teresa Larkin and had three children. Died in 1954 at age 43. He spent eighteen years in the iron lung, defying most expectations.
Next Meeting: December 2
Speaker: Paul Leone
Greeter and Cashier: Fred and Trudy Hicks