Jorge Bueso manages the Queen of Hearts drawing at our weekly meetings.
President Melissa began the meeting with a nondenominational blessing, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Marge Gile reported that Charlie Hallagan was having open heart surgery today at RGH. During the meeting we found out that Charlie came through the surgery without complications.
Trudy Hicks will be having an MRI.
  • Service Above Self Dinner is scheduled for October 28, 2021.
  • We are still looking for auction items (need to give to Russ Harris by October 22, 2021) for online auction.
  • Please give reservations to Karen Quartaro ASAP.
  • Jim Praino is coming back from his cottage in the Thousand Islands.
Rotary’s Polio Challenge: Scott Healy told us that since 2013 the Gates Foundation has matched 2:1 every new dollar given to Polio Plus. Rotary has given over $2 billion to Polio Plus, including Gates Foundation. October 24th was World Polio Day. Also, November 7th is the district Foundation Brunch at Ventosa Vineyards.
Doug Forgue went to high school in Bloomfield and college at RIT, graduating with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He worked for Fuller and Carroll, CPAs in Geneva and then transitioned over to work with Scott Healy in 2002. He has two sons, Mike and Ron. He is an avid sports fan following the Yankees, Bills, Amerks and Sabres. He loves to travel and is currently a board member of the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society.
Lucina Hallagan drew a Queen, but wrong one.
Alicia Vasquez – October 18
  • Steve Patchen enjoyed his cruise on the largest Royal Caribbean ship. He said it was worth every dollar!
  • Adam O ordered an Escalade for his wife and will pay $100 to the Foundation. While picking up the vehicle, he bought another Cadillac!
  • Michele McManus said that her granddaughter is a champion cheerleader. She had ordered a Traverse in June and it just arrived. After driving a low horsepower rental these past few months, she now has a problem with speeding in the new vehicle!
  • Marc and Holly went to Virginia Tech and Marc’s 35th homecoming. However, the football team did not do very well against Pitt.
  • Bob Bendix said he and Jean had a great time at Aubrey’s wedding. But now is he is very broke…
  • The Board approved Kevin Mooney as this year’s Service Above Self recipient.
  • Global Grant will be applied to purchase medical supplies in Turkey with Sulyman.
  • Linda Werts has been approached by DG Janet to help purchase/build stoves in Latin America.
  • The club survey results will be discussed in the open meeting in November.
  • The board created a Publicity Committee. Interested Rotarians can let Melissa know about joining the committee. It is different from Public Image.
  • Administration:
    • Norma spoke about the Polio Plus dinner in Syracuse on Oct 29th
    • Michele said that Interact has an advisor; Danielle McGavisk.
    • Norma discussed further changes to the club bylaws. A vote will be taken at a future date.
  • Fundraising
    • Jan thanked the Chicken Barbecue workers. Over 50 meals were donated. Over 525 meals were sold and $2,300 raised for Habitat for Humanity. Marge made a large donation to purchase two Rotary tents. The fundraiser was a success.
    • Jan encouraged members to sell the tickets for the November 7th Lasagna Dinner
  • Literacy: Alicia Vazquez reported on literacy. They are helping with in-person story time at the library, dictionaries to 3rd graders, and are seeking donations of books.
  • Membership: PE Mitch reported that we do not have anyone in the pipeline for membership. He encouraged members to find new members.
  • Public Image: Josh McCrossen reported that Melissa will be involved with PI. They are working on brochures and inserts.
  • Camp Onseyawa: Golf Raffle - 65 tickets purchased. Dinner was held last Saturday, and it was a great success with over 80 people attending. The raffle raised $298, which include $30 in donations.
Melissa will start a policy to have Rotarians to pay $1 if they want to sit at their usual table. Rotary membership emphasizes no cliques!
CORRECTION TO LAST WEEK'S STORY: David Christler was recognized with the Paul Harris Fellow +8 pin. Congratulations Dave!
Reminder: No lunch meeting on October 28th. Service Above Self Dinner at 6 PM.
Greeter: Walt Hallagan
Cashier: Dave Hannan