We were very happy to see Helmuth and Hannelora Reinhardt return to our Rotary meeting last Thursday. They finally received the recognitions bestowed on them last year, but delayed due to COVID.
Dave Hannan’s brother was visiting from Minneapolis and joined us on zoom.
Hollys father is home following his bypass surgery at RGH. Her mother was in and out of the ER - probably anxiety - fortunately no heart attack.
MELISSA explained why we put Gary in the corner.  He was collecting money for raffle tickets that support Camp Onseywa.  Prizes will be awarded at the dinner on October 16th at Club 86.  They are 5 for $1 and 12 for $3.  
ROTARY GALA GIRLS are Michele McManus, Sharon SanAngelo, Pat Albrecht and Trudy Hicks. Its time to make your reservations for the Laurel House Gala on October 23rd.  Signups will be on your table next Thursday, September 9th.  Any questions can be answered by the Gala Girls.
JAN HENCE asked members to share the BBQ info on Facebook.  The event will be held on September 19th.
CONGRATULATIONS to JJ Cotter on completing her requirements and graduating from her red badge to a blue badge.
LINDA WERTS gave us an update on International Projects.  She has recently returned from Mexico where the Tabi Project is progressing well.  The water plant building and system installation will be completed in February 2022.  She was pleased to announce that the orphanage in Haiti was not hurt by the earthquake.  $500 will be sent to Indias ambulance project.  $1000 will be used for the 5th drinking fountain in Mexico.  District Governor Janet Tenreiro supports the project of safe cook stoves to replace open fires in Central America, Haiti and Africa.We will consider supporting keeping our promiseto Afgan and Iraqi refugees.
JEAN BENDIX invited us to DROP IN A DOLLAR - collecting for the sand carbon water filter for the Tabi project.
Two events are scheduled for the last Thursday in September.  After tasting wine and beer at the First Glass, come to the Hicks House for an outdoor game tournament.  Details to follow.
The Rotary foundation is a non-profit supported solely by contributions to support the Rotary missions.  It was founded by Arch Klumph in 1917.  It has grown to more than $4.4 billion dollars in total contributions.
Dave was born in Rochester and grew up in Newark.  He attended the Air Force Academy and received his medical degree from the University of Colorado.  We are all familiar with his private practice of Family Medicine in Newark and Marion from 1985-2016. He and his wife Pam have a combined family of 4 sons, 4 daughters and 11 grandchildren.  Dave likes to read and travel but most of all fills his spare time with Rotary having been a past president, past District Governor and an endless list of participation.
John Tickner - August 21
Dave Christler - August 28
Lisa Schram - September 2
Mitch and Debbie Ruffalo - September 8 (37 years)
Adam and Colleen Olschewske - August 21(17 years)
Dana and Tabor Marsh - August 22(40 years)
Dave and Mary Saracino - August 22(51 years)
Jean and Bob Bendix - August 23(35 years)
Hannelora and Helmuth Reinhardt - August 24(64 years)
Deb and Paul Stoep - August 26(39 years)
Chuck and Christine  Verkey - August 27(38 years)
Eli and Kathy Coleman - August 31(19 years)
Suzie and Tom McCumber - August 31(53 years)
Marsha Williams and Jonathan Taylor - September 7(4 years)
Linda Werts and Doug Forgue - September 15(16 years)
Karen Vanderbrook - September 15(5 years)
Brian Manktelow - September 19(2 years)
Eli Coleman - September 26(8 years)
Susan Hasenauer is the Superintendent of the Newark Central Schools.  She is happy that after 18 months the teachers and children will be back in-person to start the school year.
Adam O. was happy to see the Reinhardts attending our meeting in-person after 2 years.
Gail Chambers - an unusual moment - her grandson missed school because of rain.
Hannelora was happy to be back to a Rotary meeting and thrilled to announce that they are expecting their 2nd great grandson.
MaryJo Fenyn was happy to attend a retired teachers meeting - Ha Ha we dont have to go back to school this Fall
Holly Kreuser was pleased to present Helmuth and Hannelora with the Service Above Self Award which they had received virtually on October 29th 2020.  Past District Governor, Dave Hannan, said it was a unanimous decision to present this award to them because of their unending service to others!
We all know the unique background of Helmuth and Hannelora being born in Yugoslavia. Under the Nazi occupation,Hannelora was sent to an Austrian refugee camp and Helmuth to Germany.  After World War II they separately  immigrated to the US and Canada. Hannelora visited relatives in Windsor where they met - and the rest is history.  This August they are celebrating 64 years of marriage!!
As Holly spoke we all enjoyed another beautiful and delicious cake by Michele McManus in honor of this special occasion.
How do you obtain 50 years of perfect attendance?  You start by having Bob Goodman as your sponsor.  Bob would take Helmuth to meetings with other clubs in the district and when Helmuth traveled he would always search out local Rotary Clubs. He could also make up meetings by attending committee meetings or working on a service project.
Helmuth lives and breathes the 4-way test.  He was Newarks 75th president in 2001-2002.  He served on the Board of Directors for over 20 years.  He chaired a Global Grant project that raised more than $10,000 for the purchase of a van for the delivery of food and medical supplies in Argentina. The list goes on and on.  
I think Spencer Tullis summed it up in the Finger Lakes article where he refers to Helmuth as MR. RELIABLE”.
Along with these awards Hannelora and Helmuth also received another Paul Harris pin.
Next weeks meeting
Greeter - Bill Doebler
Cashier - Dave Doebler
Speaker Brian Pincelli, Director of the Wayne County Planning and Economic Development