Last week we welcomed Tina Nyles of NAC Entertainment to our meeting. We learned about Broadway in Upstate New York.
President Melissa began the meeting with a sharing of a Buddhist gatha, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sulyman joined us from Turkey by Zoom.
No one was on the sick list.
Melissa announced that this is the last week having a “head table”. In future meetings, Melissa and the guest speaker will sit with other Rotarians for lunch.
Camp Onseyawa dinner: Scott Healy (aka Doug) filling in for Gary Reilly talked about the upcoming dinner and raffle tickets (only a few left!).
Michele McManus reminded us of the Laurel House Annual Gala on October 23 at Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club.
Youth Services committee meeting will be held on Tuesday at noon at the Newark High School.
Michele also said her eye is getting better.
Service Above Self dinner will be held October 28. Donations for the dinner are being accepted.
No weekly lunch meeting on September 30th. All are welcome to attend the social event on 9/25/21.
Scott discussed the Endowment Fund. Did you know that its value was over $400 million as of the 2019-2020 Rotary year? It is designed to last in perpetuity.
PERSON OF THE WEEK – Mike Muscolino
Mike was born and raised in Newark. He graduated from Newark H.S. in 1967 NHS and received his BS/MA from SUNY Brockport. He taught at St Michael School and then Newark Middle School. He also was the Assistant Principal at PalMac High School. In 1980 he became the Executive Director of the Alex Eligh Community Center. Mike married Susan 48 years ago. He coached Newark Reds football for 32 years and was the head coach of Newark Reds Softball for 16 years. In 2003, the team won the state championship. Mike has enjoyed living, working and raising a family in the community of Newark.
QUEEN OF HEARTS - Chuck Waterman got to pull the card, but was unlucky. The pot keeps growing.
Kevn and Lynne Mooney - Sept 20th (41 years)
Pam Gardner – Sept 21st (21 years)
Donna Johnson – Sept 22nd (14 years)
Melissa found out that she could get along with her husband for five days in the ADK! They enjoyed it very much.
Josh McCrossen just got back from Plymouth, MA with his wife. He knows a lot about pilgrims now! He then explained that all good things come to those who wait. He waited nine months for the birth his Ford F-150, which was finally delivered last week!
John Tickner introduced Tina Nyles, of NAC Entertainment of Binghamton. Specializes in bringing the Broadway Series to Upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. The shows have large economic impact on community: restaurant, parking, vendors, dry cleaning. Usually, a tour brings 30-70 people which use local hotels and restaurants. The tours hire 40-60 local stagehands. A show could bring as much as $650,000 to a community. In Syracuse, the shows are now at the Landmark Theater (with brand new seats).
Tina reviewed upcoming shows. Blue Man Group was on stage in March 2020 when COVID shut everything down.
Four shows were “teching” and rehearsing in Syracuse due to lack of space in NYC.
Answers to Questions:
Cast pay their own hotel and meals with per diem.
Show selection depends on location, availability etc.
Vaccination Policy: Policy is with each theater. Landmark requires proof or negative test. Audience must wear masks.
Broadway shows can spin off their show. Example: Cats has only one tour now. Hamilton has three different tours.
Difference in pricing. Some are flat deals, some are percentage deals. Example, Hamilton is more expensive. But it also doubled season ticket subscriptions for Landmark.
Tina said there will be tickets available for Hamilton. No subscription needed. They will be in Syracuse for 2 weeks.
No meeting this week.
10/6/2021  will be an open meeting. We will vote on changes to the bylaws.
Greeter: Doug Forgue
Cashier: Pam Gardner