Last week we welcomed Brian Pincelli, Director and CEO of Wayne Country Economic Development to our club to give us an update on economic development within the county.
The meeting led by President-Elect Mitch Ruffalo. There were no guests other than the speaker.
Marge Gile said no one is on the sick list. Holly reported that Ted O’Toole is recovering well from his heart surgery.
  • Norma reminded us that on October 16th the annual fall dinner for Camp OSEYAWA will be held at Club 86 in Geneva. $50 per ticket.
  • Norma also announced the virtual Rotary Leadership Institute will take place on October 16. She encouraged everyone to participate.
  • Gary was selling raffle tickets for Camp ONSEYAWA. Prizes include a Smart TV, case of wine, and a Finger Lakes golf package.
  • Donna reported that we have 38 premier sponsorships ($9,500). Phase II is beginning soon to find more sponsors.
  • Jan Hence thanked everyone who sold tickets for the chicken barbecue. Please give your count to Jan as soon as possible.
  • Jean Bendix announced the sand dollars to raise money for Tabi Living Waters. Last week $40 was raised.
  • Scott Healy read the Foundation Minute: The Objective of the Foundation
  • Holly announced that we need to find a new home for Rotary equipment as the current building being used will be vacated.
  • Michele reminded us about the Laurel House Gala.
Norma was born in the Philippines and is the youngest of nine siblings. She came to Syracuse University in 1979 on an Ambassadorial Scholarship of the Rotary Foundation, after receiving her Bachelor of Science in elementary education and working as an elementary school teacher. Norma also received graduate level certification for teachers of the blind. At Syracuse, Norma received her Masters of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling. Norma enjoys gardening, the outdoors and nature. Did you know that when Norma arrived in 1979, it was her first time outside the Philippines? She arrived in New York City and hoped to see a lot of New York State on the way to Syracuse. Unfortunately, she slept during most of the bus trip!
  • Mitch paid a fine for his recent wedding anniversary.
  • Adam O paid a fine for his band, which continues to practice and perform.
  • Steve Taylor paid a fine for his boat, in which he went out only once this summer.
  • John Tickner introduced Brian Pincelli, CEO and Director of  Wayne County Economic Development.
    • The department helps finance development of businesses, through loan funds, by helping to close the gap and focusing on specific projects.
    • It also supports agriculture focused financing..
    • The department also focuses on business recruitment.
    • An example is its focus on the short line railroad along Lake Ontario by targeting businesses that could use the railroad.
    • Small business development is a big focus. Startup Pitch competition is an example of trying to spur development. The winner receives a $25,000 grant. Also, it has money from micro burst programs due to COVID.
    • Through SCORE the department hosts online education programs.
    • Currently it is running a series of landlord workshops.
    • The department is starting up a derelict property study with the land bank.
    • Brian took some questions and here were his answers:
    1. Identifying priority sites for solar projects. County has a lot of flat land and high capacity lines going through county. Rose/Galen has a large project in development.
    2. Health of towns: Measured using economic data. Aging population in Wayne County is an issue
    3. His office has 8 staff. It is one of the smallest county offices in Wayne County.
    4. Broadband: Goal to get every house covered with access to internet.
Guest Speaker: Lance Young of Del Lago Casino and Resorts
Greeter: Peter Dohr
Cashier: Doug Doebler