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Linda Werts reported that her daughter Sarah is home from the Cleveland Clinic, and all went well.  She may have bypass surgery within the next 8 weeks.

Karen Dean’s son’s CT scan showed no signs of cancer.  He will have this test every 2 months during the next year.

Sue Colocino was pleased that Pat Havrilla is home but may have a long road to recovery.





What did the 0 say to the 8?  Nice belt



Why was the calendar always so happy?  Because he had a lot of dates

Bread is like the sun, it rises in the YEAST and sets in the WAIST!



I once ate a dictionary it gave me THESAURUS throat I’ve ever had!

I hate it when people say age is only a number, age is clearly a WORD.


Happy and blessed Easter from Gary and Norma



Doug announced that President Biden was scheduled to hold a press conference to explain that no one will need to file taxes for 2020 (sorry - APRIL FOOL). 


Tracking the status of your tax refund is easy with Where’s my refund through  Most refunds are issued within 21 days.  Reasons for delays 1- the return has errors or is incomplete.  2 - Identity theft or fraud.  3 - Banks are not open on weekends or holidays.  DO NOT CALL THE IRS!



President Donna received a thank you from Laci Graham, the Executive Director of Laurel House.  Our club made a generous contribution of $453 in memory of Chelle VanLaeken.

Kevin Mooney received thank-you’s from the Literacy volunteers.  Our club donated $200 and an additional $402 from our “Mini Bee” event.  Wayne County raised over $5,000.



GAIL CHAMBERS - It’s flower time again!  On May 22nd at 9:30 AM volunteers will meet at the Village parking lot.  It takes about 2 hours to plant flowers in 100 spots throughout the village.

KAREN QUARTARO attempted to lead the Club in a Zoomba workout.  This April 1st joke was compliments of Holly Kreuser.

CHUCK WATERMAN graciously led us AGAIN in singing to the April birthday recipients.




ROTARY BOARD - President Donna reported that attendance remains at 50%.

She is coming down the home stretch with Melissa taking over in 3 months.

ADMINISTRATION - Bob Bendix was pleased to announce that the by-laws have been completed.  We are still looking for a Interact leader.  The Youth leadership (RYLA) will meet at RIT this spring.  No names have been submitted yet.  Special thanks to Holly and Karen for their weekly duties at the sign-in desk.  Without any details, know that the club is on GOOD FINANCIAL GROUND.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Mitch Ruffalo reminded us of the Canal Clean-up on April 24th.  Wear you prettiest cleanup attire for a group photo!  Mitch challenged volunteers to bring their BEST FINDS to the following Rotary meeting (no body parts please).

You could win a $50 Amazon gift card. Wear good foot gear!!!

The annual Bob Goodman blood drive is on April 20th from 2-6:30 at the American Legion.  Sign up at

In order to donate to the Free Lunch program, we will fill out the application for a local grant.

FUNDRAISING - Jan Hence is waiting patiently for members to send in their ticket count for the April 11th BBQ.  We have sold 300 meals so far.  LNB has offered to sell tickets.

MEMBERSHIP - Melissa Correia’s committee is close to accepting Cindy Timerson into the club.  Newark Schools may be our 2nd corporate membership.

This committee is reaching out to all non-participating members by email to let them know we are thinking of them.

DEI - Lucina Hallagan is looking forward to the speakers on April 15th from areas of law enforcement.  The United Way encourages all to participate in round table conversations about diversity.

FOUNDATION - Fred Hicks doesn’t think we will reach 100% participation this year - Donna said “DON’T GIVE UP”.

In looking for points to give Ryan Kreuser a PH pin, Jan Hence and Linda Werts each contributed 500 of their own points.  Fred announced that the Rt 88 North clean-up will be held the same day as the Canal clean-up.  They need 6-8 people.

PUBLIC IMAGE - Josh McCrossen reported via “snail mail” that the PI committee will meet on April 15th and review our first 3 interviews for the “WE R ROTARY” promotion in which we will feature one member per month.  The committee is also looking to review some tweaks to the brochure.  Ongoing Kudos to John Zornow!



JoAnn Sleight is happy to be welcoming her first grandchild on November 2nd.

Ann Rogers is happy to have attended the Methodist Church’s inspiring Lenten services led by Lucina Hallagan - music and meditation.

Karen Q. is a little nervous about the PANEL OF TWO representing DEI at the up coming District training meeting. She was told to never say NO to Norma who reassured her she is up to the task!  Norma encouraged us all to ZOOM-IN on April 10th 9-12:30.  You can pick one break out session of your choice.

Lucina offered to pay a dual fine.  1- she said NO to Norma.  2 - her daughter who was a 2001 exchange student with Rotary attended Stanford University and has obtained the impressive title of REVEREND DOCTOR Colleen Hallagan.

Melissa Correia has been very busy with work and dealing with a terminally ill father.  She is pleased that she made Thursday’s deadline for a grant application. Habitat for Humanity is hoping to build a porch on a new home.

Kevin Mooney is back from Florida where it was 90 when he left. They were happy to come home to a remodeled kitchen.

Ken George was willing to pay a fine for his phone ringing during the meeting AGAIN.

He is hoping $10 will help him remember to mute his phone!

Mike Muscolino was recently in the hospital and had a great roommate from the class of 63.  They discovered that they had the same birthday and shared many High School memories. At this age as we obtain more medical issues Mike wants us to remember to CHERISH EVERY DAY!

Doug Forgue had his 2nd Covid shot and is excited to fly west on April 17th.

Suleyman apologized for coming late to the meeting - he forgot about our time change.

Bob Bendix is going to pay a fine for his new MKZ Lincoln and getting his 2nd shot.

Lucina thanked Ann Rogers for attending the Lenten services and invited all to hear Jean Bendix as soloist on Good Friday.

I thought Gary would pay for my keeping his seat warm while he was unable to attend our meeting in-person.  He said, “THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL”.


President Donna invited us to come next week to hear a SURPRISE SPEAKER!