Richard Comins spoke to our club about Shelter Box at our last meeting.
Opening and Invocation led by Mike Muscolino.
Wellness Report – Marge Giles reports that no news is good news.
Guests: Visiting Rotarian, Gerry Palmer; Guest Speaker - Richard Comins, ShelterBox; Exchange Student, Luis Barbosa
Snapple Facts:
  1. Ketchup was once sold as a medicine
  2. Baboons were once trained by Egyptians to wait on tables
  3. In 1634 tulip bulbs were a form of currency in Holland
  4. A Galapagos turtle can take up to 3 weeks to digest a meal
  5. A Basenji is a dog that yodels instead of barking - if you want to hear it click here
  6. Dogs can make about 10 sounds, while cats can make about 100.
  1. Luis reports that so far he is having a good experience. He is enjoying living with the Nevilizers and is running Cross Country Track
  2. Jan Hence - update on the raffle - sold 190 tickets and made $9,000; The winners are:
    1. Steve Mooney - $4,000
    2. Scott MacCheyne (shared ticket with Dave Johnson) - $2,000
    3. Warren & Jane Lairboy - $1,000
    4. Sue Muscolino - $500
    5. Jason Eygnor - $500
    6. Jo Tina Crockett - $500
    7. Ed Trunick Jr. - $500
    8. Peggy Busby - $500
    9. David Doebler - $500
    10. Congratulations everyone and thank you for making this a successful fundraiser
  3. Adam update on Newark Fest – in spite of the weather we had a great day. The dunk tank water was very cold – but we had great sports who endured the chilly water and everyone had a great time.  The final numbers are not in yet – but it looks like we will have raised approximately $27,000. The food trucks were a great hit and reported doing well. Many folks came to hear the “Dress Shirts” band - the beer/cider was excellent. It was a fun day for all who braved the weather.
  4. PDG Norma Madayag-Reilly echoed her thanks to all the committee chairs and workers. Everything was wonderful. The spirit was positive and upbeat in spite of the weather.
Happy Moments:
  1. PDG Dave Hannan - District Golf tournament. His team didn’t win - but Paul Salsibury’s team did. Congratulations Paul and your team!
  2. Steve Mooney - encouraged members to purchase tickets for the raffle next year - he said the payout is pretty good!
  3. Marc Kreuser and his son Ryan ran a triathlon on Sunday and Ryan won!
Birthdays:  Mitch Ruffalo
Club Anniversaries: Linda Werts and Doug Forgue - 18 years
Queen of Hearts. Steve Hallagan did not pick the Queen - the pot continues to grow.
Program:  Steve Hallagan introduced Richard Comins, Shelter Box ambassador. Shelter Box partners with Rotary. Richard is an active Rotarian. He has been involved with Shelter Boxes for 22 years.  
Shelter Boxes were created after the year 2000 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. They contain the essentials - they are delivered to people who are the most vulnerable after war and natural disasters. Their goal is to bring shelter, hope and dignity to people in their greatest hour of need in the shape of a green box.
Ways to help Shelter Box:
1 - donations
2 - apply to be a shelter box response team member
3 - be an ambassador to help promote
Each box costs $1,000.00 which includes having it shipped anywhere in the world. The boxes themselves are made in Cornwell, England. Each box contains: family sized tent designed to withstand the elements and provide temporary shelter until they are able to start the process of rebuilding a home, cooking sets, cooking stove, solar lights, activity sets for children, blankets, tarps, water filters and carriers, mosquito nets, plus more.
For more information go to
Closing message:  “It is never too late to be who you might have been.”. George Elliott