Foundation Chair Scott Healy and Past District Governor Dave Hannan presented Paul Harris Fellow recognitions to Mitch Ruffalo and Michele McManus at our last meeting.
Rotary Meeting June 2, 2022
Words of Inspiration:
Jean Bendix reflected on the ways you are as an individual and how it affects others.
Guests and Visitors
Dave Tyler Introduced Jamie Hatter, Regional Retail Specialist at Community Bank.
Steve Hassler introduced Justin Sinisi of Lyons National Bank.
Mary Jo said that Pat Albrecht was in the hospital but is now home.
Michele McManus said that Sharon’s surgery went well.
President Melissa said that her mother has improved, and her father has been holding steady.
Treasurer Kevin Mooney asked that the annual dues payments be paid ASAP. You can pay online here.
PE Mitch Ruffalo discussed the Family Festival, September 10, 2022 (11 AM to 7 PM). The committee members were recognized. A sign-up sheet was passed around to ask for volunteers. Mitch thought this could be a replacement for the future fundraiser.
Chicken BBQ: Jan Hence asked for the tickets to be sold.
Also, Jan asked that we save items for the auction at the Festival.
Mary Fitch, Jim Praino, Bruce Chambers and Alex Quku
Jim and Sandy Devolder (52 years)
Steve and Charlotte Mooney (50 years)
Dave and Diane Christler (46 years)
Bob and Pat Havrilla (60 years)
Rotary Anniversaries
Doebler Bill (53 years)
Anne Rogers (3 years)
Walt Hallagan (6 years)
Donna Johnson (6 years)
Karen Quataro (12 years)
Lucina Hallagan (2 years)
Bruce Chambers (18 years)
Jim Devolder (5 years)
Sandy Devolder (5 years)
Frank All (16 years)
Gail Chambers (18 years)
Rotary Biography
Lynn Mooney was born Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Southampton, PA. She attended Finger Lakes Community College. Lyn worked as a dental assistant in PA and NY and as a teaching assistant in schools in VA and NY. She and Kevin have two sons (James and Christopher) and a 4 year old Keeshound dog, Max. Lynn loves bridge, board and card games, traveling, biking, gardening, walking and spending time with her grandsons and Max. Lynn thoroughly enjoys being a Rotarian and loves to play bridge any day and anytime!
Happy Moments
Jean Bendix was happy to say at the LNB Awards, Newark High School won many awards, including Gabriella Taylor as best actress. Congratulations!
Mary Jo had a big family wedding. Adrian Fenyn finally got married at age 37.
Adam O announced the Chamber After Hours on June 9th. His band begins playing at Pour House in Lyons.
Linda Werts was very happy to be driving again.
Luie Rivera said he took Adam’s advice, studied his numbers, and was happy to announce that now he is at 7 barbers at his shop.
Tim Johnson went to Missouri to visit family. His granddaughter graduated from high school, will attend Marysville College, with a full ride to study actuarial science.
President Melissa went on vacation to  New Hampshire with Andy. Their daughter is in Salamanca, Spain for studies.
Paul Salisbury watched his grandson graduate from Stephens Institute in engineering.
Steve Hasseler’s oldest daughter got her driving permit. His youngest was admitted in House of Delegates in Albany for a visit.
Queen of Hearts
Karen Q did not win and the crowd went wild!
Paul Harris Fellow Recognitions
Scott Healy recognized Michele McManus as a Paul Harris Fellow. Scott talked about the good that the Rotary Foundation does around the world and how Michele has helped with that. Mitch Ruffalo was recognized as multiple Paul Harris Fellow (+2). Congratulations to both of you!
Committee Reports
Foundation – Scott Healy reported two new Paul Harris Fellows recipients.
Administration – Norma Madayag-Reilly asked for feedback on the manual of procedures book being developed.
Next Week
Program: Bradley Butler – Main Street Arts
Greeter: Mark Thoms
Cashier: John Tickner
Words of Inspiration: Pat Albrecht
Zoom Master: Marc Kreuser